Prime Inc. Driver Meeting – May 13th

In this week’s Driver Meeting, we heard from Steve and Dennis in Safety, Sam Messick (Fuel Manager), and more! We host the weekly Driver Meeting every Friday morning at 8 a.m. CST in Springfield, MO; Salt Lake City, UT; and Pittston, PA. Can’t make it in person? No problem! Tune in live or later on Facebook or YouTube, or read the fast facts below.

Dennis Davis & Steve Field – Safety

  • This week: 102 total inspections – 73 clean (72% clean rate)
    • Industry average is a 35% clean rate
    • Always remember to wear your seatbelts correctly
      • Pads are available in the Prime store
    • Follow speed limits closely and correctly
  • CVSA Road Checks run May 16 through May 19
    • Make sure to keep up with your logs
      • Certify them
      • Put your load and trailer number in
      • Keep up with your paper logs
      • Log inspections as on-duty time
      • Personal conveyance

Jared Hall – Road Assist

  • Pictures of the issue are key for us to better assist you
  • If you’re in an accident and law enforcement shows up, make sure to let them know you want to use your own towing company and call road assist or safety to set you up

Audra Hill – Payroll

  • How payroll works:
    • Wednesday to Wednesday trip processing
    • Payroll cutoff for the week: Wednesdays at 16:00 CST
    • Friday: you get PAID!
      • 2 ways
        • Direct Deposit: settlement is posted at the end of day Friday and will not show “pending” in your bank account
        • Comdata Card: settlement comes through on Friday morning
      • Don’t wait until just before payroll cutoff to scan in your trips. Get them in as soon as you can
        • You can scan these in on the Prime app
        • 33% of all scans come in on Wednesday, please do not wait until Wednesday to scan in your paperwork
        • Even if you don’t think you should be paid detention, put your in and out times in
      • You can find your Payroll Advisor’s contact information in the Prime app if you need help

Sam Messick – Fuel Manager

  • Fuel Surcharge Program
    • Protects independent contractors completely from fuel increases
    • If you’re running 7mpg or better, you only pay $0.99 per gallon
      • At pump you pay full price then get reimbursed on your paycheck
    • Customers fund the Fuel Surcharge program, not you or Prime
  • We buy roughly 2.5 million gallons of fuel per week
  • East Coast is still seeing fuel shortages

Matt Hancock – Driver Health and Fitness

  • This month is Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Your physical health can play a role in your mental health
  • Primed For Life
    • Get matched with the right counselor for you
    • First session is free
    • Completely confidential
    • Avoids hurdles regarding insurance

Steve Wutke & Keith McCoy – Refrigerated Sales

  • Prime won both class A inbound and outbound Carrier of the Year with Shaw Floors
  • Trust the system and your fleet manager
  • Safety is our number one priority always

Interested in driving for Prime? Apply online at or give our recruiters a call at 888-664-9121.

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