Accident Prevention Program

Accident Prevention Program

Prime Inc., a leading international refrigerated, flatbed and liquid bulk truckload carrier headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, is "taking charge" of safety by utilizing a proven accident prevention program known as the Smith System®. "We're taking charge in the industry," says Ken Beagley, Smith System® Instructor. "We're making every attempt to improve our drivers' road awareness and make Prime a safer, better company."

Prime offers the Smith System®, a driver-training program introduced by Harold L. Smith in 1948 to teach drivers eye-mind coordination, as a one-day course to drivers of trucks leased through Prime. The program teaches five keys to space cushion driving, all aimed at keeping drivers from being involved in an accident.

The course combines classroom and on-the-road training and focuses on all aspects of driving, including backing and parking. Smith System&ref; certified trainers instruct students on how to look ahead, maintain appropriate following distances, keep their eyes moving, look for ways out of bad situations, and make sure other drivers see them.

"The benefits of this program are not only avoiding accidents and understanding other drivers," says Beagley. "The program also helps professional drivers reduce fuel costs by 10 to 15 percent and maintenance costs by as much as 33 percent."

Classroom training, open to non-driving Prime Associates as well as driving Associates, is conducted at the Bass Country Inn in Springfield, Tuesday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Associates who qualify are rewarded $100 for completing the course.

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