Highway Diamond Spotlight: Ayla Davis


Q: What were you doing before you came to Prime Inc.?

A: I was a Yard Jockey at a Dollar General warehouse in Montgomery, Alabama.


Q: How did you hear about Prime?

A: A highway Diamond named Jessica Taylor used to deliver to the Dollar General Warehouse.


Q: Since coming through the training program, how was that experience for you?

A:  It was awesome! Organized and everything was out in the open. Everyone was honest and wanted to be helpful. The open door policy made me feel right at home.


Q:  Were you intimidated coming into a male dominant industry?

A:  A little. Some of the men in my family made it seem scary. But I wanted to succeed. I was driven not to give up.


Q: Any advice for women coming into this industry or women coming to train at Prime?

A:  There are going to be times when you are going to question your resolve. But remember regardless of what people say about your choice in career, know that you are a Diamond in the rough. You will go through pressure so you can shine brightly. When coming to Prime, come with an open heart and mind. Prime is a great company. You aren’t just a number here. You matter to this company. Being a Highway Diamond is what you make it.


Q: What have you been able to accomplish that you wouldn’t have before becoming a truck driver for Prime?

A: I came to Prime having just lost my home. Since being here, my family and I have a roof over our heads. We are close to buying our first home. It has also allowed me to show my children that there is more to the world than the 334 area code.


Q: What does being a Highway Diamond mean to you?

A: The Highway Diamonds are a sign of exceptional excellence. A sisterhood of likeminded women that are looking not only to elevate themselves, but to also reach back and pull the next sister up to greatness. Making veteran Highway Diamonds like Dee Sova and Marietta Regnier proud that I’m part of the next generation means the world to me.


Q: Who has helped you to succeed here at Prime?

A: My fleet manager Barry Pahler, Jessica Taylor, Dee Sova, Marietta Regnier; my husband and my children have played a role in my success here. Whether through a word of encouragement, advice or lending an ear. I never feel alone.


Q: How important is your relationship with your fleet manager and why?

A: My fleet manager and I are a team. Without a good working relationship and understanding there is no way to survive. Honest and open communication is key and necessary so that we both succeed and support each other. Without him I can run and vice versa.


Q: Are there any places that you’ve traveled that stand out to you that you enjoyed? (Gold

A: The Arch of Saint Louis was beautiful to see. Near Oregon and Washington there is a river that extends the length of the state line. And the mountain range on either side is beautiful to wake up to. That view is spectacular!


Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A: I want to have three trucks here at Prime Inc. I want to have my event planning business in full swing and a few Air    BnBs.


Q: What is an essential that you must have on the truck with you?

A: My air fryer and skillet I must be able to cook.


Q: Have you hauled any off the wall or exciting freight? such as fish to a pet store, potatoes to a Frito lay plant, or cancer medicine?

A:  Yes I have. But I don’t know which one was more shocking the carrots, the tile or my first high value load.


I am a believer in excelling in whatever you do. I’m also mindful about the next person. And I really wanted to pay it forward, so I decided to become a trainer. I am excited for this next step in my journey at Prime.


Interested in learning more about the Prime Inc. Highway Diamonds program? Visit www.highwaydiamonds.com. 

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