Accounting Services Offered at Prime's Terminal

Accounting Services Offered at Prime's Terminal


  • 8 to 5 Monday through Friday, and by appointment
  • During tax season, January 1 to April 15: 7:00am to 7:00pm-Monday through Friday, and 8:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday


  • Bookkeeping for owner operators.
  • Business consulting: Helping drivers understand their business so they can become more profitable.
  • Federal and state tax preparation, including estimated taxes and returns for prior years.
  • IRS problem resolution support, contacting the IRS on the client's behalf, and assisting in negotiations.


  • Very reasonable fee schedule.
  • For fee schedule, please contact Perryman & Associates.

For an appointment, call Perryman & Associates at 888-395-2614, 417-521-3923, or in-house extension 3923. You can also visit their website.

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