DAB Meeting Minutes-March 2nd

Driver Advisory Board Meeting

March 2, 2021

Oasis Convention Center

Prime Inc. Driver Advisory Board Meeting


Presentations followed by Q&A

  1. State of the Industry, State of Prime (Jack Porter, Strategic Planner & Darrel Hopkins, Prime Inc. Controller)
  2. Sales Update & Strategy (Steve Wutke, VP of Sales & Marketing)
  3. Refrigerated Division Operations (Jim Guthrie, Director of Operations & Stan Auman, Operations Supervisor)
  4. Flatbed & Tanker Division Operations (Jim Wilkins, Director of Flatbed/Tanker & Brett Vonwiller, Manager of Tanker)
  5. Safety (Dennis Davis, Safety Supervisor & Steve Field, Director of Safety)
  6. Driver Recruiting (Travis Bacon, Manager of Recruiting & Andrea Mueller, Onboarding/Media Manager)
  7. Technology (Brianne Madura, Information Technology)
  8. Prime Training Program (Stan Kasterke, Prime Training Program Manager & Stan Auman, Operations Supervisor)
  9. Road Assist & Maintenance (Justin Kaufman, Manager of Road Assist & Kevin Bergman, Director of Maintenance)

Key Meeting Discussion Points & Takeaways from DAB Members:

  • Driver Retention
    • Pay & Bonus program clarification communicated to Drivers
    • FM Task Overload from Home – no time to interact w/New Drivers
    • Equipment needs to be ready to roll when Upgrading
    • Loss of Earnings – Too much Time between Loads
    • Facebook is part of the problem – erroneous information
    • Local/Regional Jobs Offered to Current Drivers
    • Pay scale going into TNT phase – needs consistency and Pay Review
    • Knowing the Culture and Living the Culture during past Year
  • Communication
    • Common Mutual Respect for All Associates Inside & Out
    • Need to Follow Up with Attention to Details
    • Mental Health Line support communicated to Drivers
    • DAB Communications
    • DAB Follow Up from last session and a Formal Routine
    • Drivers DAB Contact Information to a quick click
      • Ask DAB feature added in Prime Mobile App in April 2021
    • Refrigerated Operations
      • Accuracy of Drivers Load Information Needed
      • Preplans are a needed benefit for what’s next for the Driver
      • Prime Load Choice Program Rollout update & results
      • Live Loaded Call without Drop & PU Trailer reports suggested
      • Clear Communication of Home-Time pay Policies Uniformly
    • Driver Recruiting
      • Clear Expectations and view of the Truck Driver Job
      • Maybe review the current Referral Program and payout plan
    • Driver Development/Training
      • Training DAB Meeting to focus on the Details
      • First Impression and Equipment Orientation
      • Trainers’ quantity vs. quality is a concern in the Training Population
      • TNT Trainers – need some consistency
      • Facebook used for some Positive Training
    • Flatbed /Tanker Operations
      • Accuracy of Drivers Load Information Needed
      • Tarping Station in Pittston
      • Drivers & Tarping requirements and processes on Customer Sites
    • Safety
      • Keep the Friday Morning Meetings Coming
        • Started livestreaming them every Friday at 8 am on 3/19/21
      • Need updates from FMCSA on any updates – FB Load Securement
      • On-hold message needs updated for TWIC Card message that is outdated
        • Updated March 2021
      • IT/Mobile App
        • Referral Tracking on the App – Workflow tracking
        • Trip Sheet on the App
        • Fleet Side of App available to Small Fleet Owners
        • Driver Repair Job – standard forms and workflow
        • Navigation vetting and feedback from Drivers
        • Tanker Detention Process – App which tracks and follows payment
      • Maintenance/Road Assist
        • Night Coverage needs better attitude for Drivers
        • New Truck w/New Driver needs to be road ready
        • O/O Maintenance changes not communicated
        • Tire Inflation System Test w/Tanker needs refinement
        • Staffing issues with Decatur Shop 6Am – Midnight (Missing Pickups)


Completed Action Items from DAB to Date:

  • Drivers DAB Contact Information to a quick click

Ask DAB feature added in Prime Mobile App in April 2021

  • Add detention rules to stop info
    • Added in 2020
  • Livestream safety meetings so drivers out on the road can participate
    • Started livestreaming safety meetings in 2021 every Friday at 8 am central and streamed both to Facebook and YouTube
  • Safety Annual Review in the Prime Mobile App
    • Added in 2020
  • Shop Campaigns in the Prime Mobile App
    • Added in 2020
  • Onsite Chiropractor one time per week
    • Opened full-time chiropractic clinic (Happy Spine) with Dr Popa in Springfield, MO terminal
  • Added Travel Update section on Prime Mobile App to reduce non-critical QC Messages
    • Prior to change, Prime drivers were receiving an average of 400+ QC messages/week.
    • After change, Prime drivers receive average of less than 100 QC messages/week.
  • Qualcomm message signed with full name
  • Pro Maintenance 1.0 Class created and launched in July 2019
    • Over 170 drivers have attended PM 1.0 as of Oct 2019
  • Shop will keep on APU when truck is being worked on
  • Trailer Parking Solution for Pittston
    • Pedigree Sale Trailers moved off of main yard down to training pad in Oct 2019
  • More Training Videos for New Drivers
    • Examples of new training videos created in 2019:
      • How to Fix Tandem Slider Pins
      • How to Fix a Trailer Chute
      • How to Jump Start a Reefer Unit
      • How to Fix a Mud Flap
    • Home counter viewable in Prime Mobile App
    • Develop a Training Advisory Board
      • Next meeting tentatively Feb 2020
    • ELD Roll Out program to prepare fleet Sept – November
    • Move the open gate button in Denver to Outside of the Office for food ordering/taxis
    • Food Trucks brought into SLC while Amenities Building is being built
    • Program for Million Mile Company Drivers to order new truck
    • Military graphics on flatbed trailer skirts
      • Clayton Brown/Paul Smith
    • Review staffing and wait times in Springfield, MO New Plaza
      • Paul Smith/Kevin Bergman
    • Added Driver Advisory Board Members to proposed load feature for testing and feedback
      • Currently over 300 total Prime Drivers utilizing this feature for testing
    • Review orientation experience to find areas of improvement for welcome/family first impression, promote benefits of the company and career path/options to new drivers on front end
    • Create restroom & facility upgrades at the Auburndale yard
      • Exterior Restroom facility added to yard-Feb 2019
    • Provide receipts at Auburndale yard for washouts
    • Provide better/stronger inverters in the truck
      • Now installing Tundra inverters into new trucks instead of previous Cobra model
    • Utilize geofencing to cater road updates to drivers in those areas
    • Update the My Fuel feature to let you view it on current week, 4 week, 8 week basis
    • Streamline/reduce repetitive messaging to fleet (i.e. red-light tickets in Hannibal, MO)
    • Add Macro 33 to app
    • Work on communication of Road Assist Dept to provide confirmation that they receive messages and are working on the problem and/or ETA when they should hear back from RA Advisor
    • Fix Reefer Dept Live Load Dispatch inbound call queue/waiting message to not auto hang up on callers if there was more than one person in queue holding.
    • New My Fuel feature to see your personal stats and how you rank in the fleet
    • Create phone line to call in to hear Prime Hold Messages
    • Prime Class List on Prime Mobile App
    • Standard Transmission Truck Loaning for Practice
    • Hold Messages updated more frequently
    • DIY fixes and Pay Information Shared and Promoted
    • Enhanced communication through Mobile App
    • New truck optimization program implementation
    • Vacation pay for second seats
    • My Truck, My Trailer, and My Contacts features in Prime Mobile App
    • ACE2 Videos on Prime Mobile App
    • Road Assist Vendor List on App


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