DAB Meeting Minutes-June 14th

Driver Advisory Board Meeting June 14, 2021 Oasis Convention Center   Meeting Attendees – Drivers William Dedmon Alan Godfrey Katherine Poteat Thomas Miller Jesse Dennis Charles Smith Mark Snider Robert Jones Sasha Bailey Anthony Eck Bryan Brooks Kirsten Rothlander Sean Fitzgerald John Connell Victor Blackburn Tobais Alexander Emily Plummer Blake Nichols John Ogren James Abell … Read more

DAB Meeting Minutes-March 2nd

Driver Advisory Board Meeting March 2, 2021 Oasis Convention Center Agenda Presentations followed by Q&A State of the Industry, State of Prime (Jack Porter, Strategic Planner & Darrel Hopkins, Prime Inc. Controller) Sales Update & Strategy (Steve Wutke, VP of Sales & Marketing) Refrigerated Division Operations (Jim Guthrie, Director of Operations & Stan Auman, Operations … Read more

DAB Meeting Minutes-Oct 30th

Driver Advisory Board Meeting Wednesday, October 30 2019 Oasis Convention Center Meeting Attendees Roger Johnson (Flatbed) Alan Godfrey (Refrigerated) Victor Blackburn (Refrigerated) James Abell (Flatbed) Orain Jones (Refrigerated) Jesse Dennis (Refrigerated) Frank Kumre (Flatbed) Timothy Wylie (Refrigerated) Joe Hancammon (Refrigerated) Richard Prince (Flatbed) Thomas Miller (Refrigerated) Jeff Knudsen (Refrigerated) Mark Snider (Intermodal) Blake Nichols (Refrigerated) … Read more

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