New Salt Lake City Wash Bay

Since July, drivers en route along U.S. Interstate 80 have had some new perks to look forward to when they stop at Prime’s terminal in Salt Lake City, Utah. Besides routine maintenance, a new and larger wash bay and on-site detailing and installations shop helps drivers back on the road quicker and keeps their trucks in great shape.

Prime Inc. Steam Associate Trailer

Construction of the new wash bay began about a year ago as more traffic started flowing through Salt Lake City. And while the terminal originally had a one-bay wash station, Detail Manager O’Bryan Chesley says it lacked the capabilities and size needed. “It was just too small,” Chesley says. “It only had one bay, and there was no room to work on detailing.” That meant Chesley and his team had to detail a truck’s interior and exterior outside in the elements. “Out here in Salt Lake, the winters can be extremely cold,” Chesley says.

The new bay, along with a second wash station, features a detailing shop, which means Chesley can say goodbye to those harsh winter temperatures. It also has a steam bay that can steam underneath the trucks’ engines. “We like the steam underneath the frame to get all the road grime off.” Chesley says. This feature is a lso a plus for Prime’s Pedigree team in Salt Lake City. “When we are selling a truck, then we have to get them really clean,” Chesley says. “We’ll fix anything that’s damaged including on the inside of a truck.”

That’s good news for drivers even if they’re not looking to buy or sell their trucks. Chesley and his team can repair just about anything. Have a rip in a curtain? No problem. Chesley’s team can fix that and make sure drivers can catch some shut eye even in the middle of the day. Seat covers and cabinets are also on the list of common repairs. Installations are another big draw at the Salt Lake City wash bay. When plans for the new wash bay were being finalized, adding the ability to tackle truck installations was a must. In fact, Prime is hiring new team members to work on installations including satellites and headache racks.


When all is said and done, Chesley says it takes about 20 minutes for a truck to go through the wash bay, and just like your normal car wash, drivers can take that time to relax in their cabs. “It’s just like a normal car wash,” Chesley says. “Except this is much bigger.” It also has a new feature most drivers won’t find at your average suds and wash—a dog wash station. The dog-washing station, Chesley says, is “nice for drivers because they’ve got their dog in there with them, and their dogs can get stinky.” The new dog wash station is connected to the wash bay with glass front doors welcoming drivers and their canine co-pilots. At press time, the dog wash station was still under construction, but Chesley says the project should be completed by the end of summer.

Prime Inc. Steam Wash Truck

Between keeping the exterior and interior of Prime trucks spick and span and now adding a way for drivers to keep their furry friends looking and smelling good as well, the new wash bay is expected to be a big hit. “We can get trucks clean and get on their way,” Chesley says. “It’ll make a big difference and will keep trucks looking great and operating great.”


By the Numbers

  • It takes 22 gallons of water on average to clean a trailer. Prime reuses that water.
  • It takes 20 minutes to clean the exterior of a truck, not including the steam clean.
  • A truck wash costs $35, unless the driver hooks to one of the Prime trailers, then it’s $10.
  • The SLC team cleans around 40 trucks a day and hopes to increase that number.
  • The new wash bay has two washing stations, which means the wait time is reduced.
  • The new wash bay includes an attached dog wash station with 1 pet bay.

See the article in the Prime Ways issue here on page 30!

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