Fitness Friday with Siphiwe Baleka (7/19/2013)

Fitness Friday with Siphiwe Baleka (7/19/2013)

Trucking Jobs1 Fitness Friday with Siphiwe Baleka

During the Friday morning Safety Meeting at Prime on July 5th, there was a very good discussion about the various issues Prime instructors and trainers are facing. After that meeting, I received the following email from Terrence McLaurin, an example of one of the outstanding drivers we have here at Prime. Below, Terrence discusses how he works with his students on driver health and wellness.


From: Terrence McLaurin

Sent: Monday, July 08, 2013 3:39 PM

To: Siphiwe Baleka

Subject: Hygiene & Fitness


Hello Siphiwe,

First, it is my opinion that it is a trainer’s responsibility to provide a safe and clean work/sleep environment.

I talk with potential co drivers concerning their goals during their driving career as well as their personal goals before accepting the obligation of mentoring them.

A major part of this conversion includes their expectations of me and mine of them. Ground rules from hygiene, work ethics, diet and fitness are also discussed at this time.

When a potential co driver and I agree on the ground rules and expectations of one another; then, he or she is allowed access to my truck.

Secondly, I never arrive to meet a potential driver while under a load. My co driver and I need time to bond, put personal items away, shop for supplies and acclimate them to the truck. This process takes a minimum of 24 hours.

Please note I use the term co driver, not trainee or student. I view mentoring as a team effort. Both parties contributing equally.


Hygiene & Safety:

Co driver given at least 30 minutes to prepare for shift.

No loose items overhead & on dash board.

Dash board including gauges/controls & Qualcomm wiped with anti-bacterial wipes before swift change.

Sleep gear switch. Fold and store your gear & prepare co drivers sleep gear.

Floor swept and air blown every 24 hours/mopped during every live load or unload.

Cross over talk concerning weather, route, fuel & pick up or delivery times.

Diet & Fitness:

Supplies and food are agreed & purchased for 7 day supply.

Cooking responsibilities are divided by ability & allotted time.

Exercise done before showers. (every other day)

Details of diet and exercise:

My co driver and I agree on a diet before leaving terminal. The first week I cover all costs and prepare food.

Typical diet includes turkey bacon, eggs, fresh fruit, skinless chicken, pork chops, fresh veggies, instant stuffing, scallop potatoes and popcorn.

Each driver can have any snack items and drink they choose. I like potato skin chips, popcorn and cookies with V8 Fusion.



2-4 pieces of turkey bacon

2-3 eggs with choice of carrots/broccoli/onions

2 pieces of fresh fruit

1 bowl of cereal (driver choice)



1-2 pieces of skinless chicken or pork chop

1 serving of stuffing or scallop potatoes choice of veggie (broccoli/carrots/asparagus)

2 pieces of fresh fruit

The truck has a 20″ griddle, 2 tier steamer and microwave. I don’t use disposable plates or cutlery. Glass plates and bowls are used for eating. Plastic bowls are used for storing food. Silverware includes knives, forks and spoons. Plastic serving spoons and tongs are provided.

Drivers alternate washing dishes with each shift change. Supplies provided.

Exercise is for 15 minutes every other day using a MMA workout band and jump rope. I wear a 20lb weight vest and 5lb ankle weights while exercising. The video from the MMA band and Prime are provided. Exercise and showering are NOT optional.

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