Fitness Friday with Siphiwe Baleka: DHF Class 12 Update

Fitness Friday with Siphiwe Baleka: DHF Class 12 Update

Trucking Jobs1 Fitness Friday with Siphiwe Baleka: DHF Class 12 UpdateTwenty-five drivers started Prime’s Driver Health and Fitness (DHF) Basic 13 Week Program and just completed their first week of logging their nutrition and exercising for 15 minutes each day. This is the largest DHF class ever at Prime. That is reflected in the fact that their collective weekly review took up 31 pages! That’s a new record.

Here’s how the class compared to the first 4 DHF classes for week #1: 

Group Numbers Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 12
Total calories burned: 28,804 17,343 29,667 77,632
Average calories burned: 3,601 3,469 3,708 3,375
Total calories consumed: 18,428 8,154 13,577 43,234
Average calories consumed: 1,418 1,631 1,697 1,879
Total calorie deficit: 17,717 9,189 16,090 34,398
Average Calorie Deficit: 2,214 1,839 2,011 1,496
Average meals logged: 3.9 3.9 4.25 4.6
Total Average activity: 766 min 397 min 1,027 min 1,726 min
Average activity: 96 min 79 min 128 min 75 min
Total vigorous activity: 51 min 4 min 47 min 75 min
Average vigorous activity 6.4 min 0.8 min 5.9 min 3.3 min

Overall, the class is off to a very good start. 23 out of 25 drivers in this class had enough data to review in the first week. That’s really good.

So, as a group, the DHF Class 12 is averaging 3,375 calories burned per person per day. Interestingly, that’s lower than any of the first 4 classes. They are also consuming an average of 1,879 calories per person per day which is higher than any of the first four classes. The good news is that there is lots of room for improvement.  Class 12’s average meal frequency is 4.6 meals per day – higher than any of the first four classes which is good. Their average physical activity was 75 minutes which was lower than any of the first four classes, while their average vigorous activity was 3.3 minutes which ranks third out of five classes. So, DHF Class 12 is consuming more calories and eating more frequently while burning less calories and getting less physical activity compared to the first 4 classes.

Congratulations to Dustin Davidson and Jerry Byrd, both of whom logged a perfect 6.0 meals a day for Week #1!  Congratulations to Dustin as well, who averaged 13 minutes of vigorous activity, followed by Clifford Wilkinson (12 minutes), Johnny Jackson (10 minutes) and Nancy Perkins (8 minutes). Finally, the highest average carbs was 378g per day while the lowest was 102g per day. Ironically, both of these drivers are in the same truck! LOL!

Twelve drivers logged workouts on the Skimble Workout Trainer app. This is a new app that we are testing for the first time and we plan to make it and a new DHF program available to all drivers in the fleet very soon. DHF Class 12 just finished the DHF Week #1 Challenge using that phone app that actually walks you through each workout and then “tracks” it. Robert Jorgenson was the Challenge winner completing 63% of the challenge, followed by Harold Proctor and Frank Lester, both with 54%. Drivers earn points for each workout they complete based on length of the workout and intensity of the workout. The current Skimble points leader as of 12:45 pm on Wednesday, July 24th is Dustin Davidson with 135 pts., followed by Harold Proctor with 106 points and Frank Lester with 101 pts. Great work team. There are thousands of different workouts for drivers to choose and drivers can create their own workouts, too.  Everyone has been given specific goals to work in order to improve in week #2.

Want to learn more? Get the DHF DVD in through the Prime company store. For only $14.95, you get two discs full of information and exercises that you can do right from your truck! Give the company store a call to order the DVD at (417)521-3814.

Want help? Enroll in the DHF 13 Week Program. Go to and click “Get Started”.

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