French Student sees America from the Cab of a Prime Truck

French Student sees America from the Cab of a Prime Truck

Two Prime driver associates have taken hospitality to the highway! Eleanor Cates and Jack Ayers, team operators at Prime Inc., recently hosted Ghislaine Symphonie, a 24 year-old graduate student from Paris, France on their truck for two weeks.

Symphonie, who has her bachelor's degree in English, is working on her Master's degree in American Literature at the University of St. Denis in Paris, France. She is very interested in the American culture and aspires to become a professor after graduation, possibly in the United States or Canada.

Symphonie first visited the United States as a foreign exchange student in third grade when she lived with Eleanor and her daughter, Shannon. The families stayed in touch through the years with this being Symphonie's fourth visit to the United States. This time she requested to see as much of America as possible so Cates and Ayers suggested going over the road with them. After completing the required passenger permit forms, she joined them on the road. While traveling across the American countryside was routine to Cates and Ayers as drivers with an irregular route carrier, it was an adventure to Symphonie.

During her two weeks on the road, Symphonie saw fifteen states and covered over 6,000 miles. A few of her favorite sites were Donner Pass, Columbia River Gorge and Peugeot Sound. "I was Amazed with all of the wide open territory and the rivers that seem as wide as oceans," said Symphonie of the American countryside. She added, "I really appreciate the opportunity that Prime gave me to travel with Eleanor and Jack--it was an incredible visit!"

"We feel very fortunate to work with a company that has such a liberal passenger program. It was wonderful to share America with Ghislaine on the road. There's no better way to see the countryside that from the cab of a truck," said Ayers.

Cates added, "Its great to have the freedom of Prime's passenger program--which includes having our two cats on board. We were able to show Ghislaine our favorite parts of the country by working with our dispatcher to get loads in certain areas during her two-week visit. I'm sure it was a visit that she won't soon forget!"

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