Freshly Brewed – Starbucks at the Terminal

At the Springfield terminal, associates enjoy almost any amenity you can think of, including free coffee, but the Prime staff is always thinking of ways to improve. One such improvement came about in July 2019, when the terminal unveiled a brand-new self-serve Starbucks kiosk. The Starbucks kiosk is conveniently located by the Prime Learning Center, and Prime driving and non-driving associates can enjoy freshly ground coffee, hot chocolate, tea and espresso-based products. It produces core beverages and even allows you to use different syrups to craft your perfect Starbucks blend. The free coffee that’s constantly percolating at the terminal is still available, but the new kiosk gives the coffee aficionados a chance to start the day with an espresso and go back for a latte any time they need an extra jolt. Even better, this kiosk benefits the many avid coffee drinkers by discounting the coffee 20% off regular price. Prime staff would love to offer more beverages at associates’ suggestions, so stay tuned for more improvements.

Prime Inc. Terminal Starbucks Coffee

See the article in the Prime Ways issue here on page 7!

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