Installation of VORAD System in Fleet

Installation of VORAD System in Fleet

According to Robert Low, president of Prime Inc., "It remains our first priority to continually seek and implement systems which enhance safety for our drivers and for the driving public with whom our operators share America's roads. That is why we are installing Vorad systems on every new truck we add to our fleet." Prime Inc. is a leading international truckload carrier headquartered in Springfield, Missouri with refrigerated, flatbed and liquid bulk divisions servicing an expansive customer base throughout North America.

The Eaton VORAD EVT-300 Collision Warning System is considered the most advanced, most sophisticated, most effective accident avoidance system ever developed. This high frequency radar system transmits radar signals from the front and sides of the truck alerting drivers to take evasive action in order to avoid impending accidents. The system features highly advanced technology that tracks up to 20 vehicles at a time and provides drivers with fast, precise warnings. "Our intention is quite obvious," Low continues, "and that is to avoid accidents, injuries and cargo claims. This technology features proven potential for protecting drivers and that's exciting to me."

The "SmartCruise" option on the VORAD system enhances driver convenience and safety by maintaining driver pre-set speed and following intervals while cruise control is engaged. In addition, "SmartCruise" functions around curves and in adverse weather conditions while also monitoring traffic on the other side of upcoming hills.

Low concludes, "Though this an expensive undertaking, we anticipate a measurable reduction in accidents and cargo claims and consider any investment which makes the roads safer for all, to be an essential investment."

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