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Given the demands of everyday life keeping us busy, dealing with an emergency or planning for the future can feel overwhelming, and it can often be hard to know where to begin.  However, for Prime members, there is a program that can make dealing with these types of situations easier to manage.  The Prime Employee Assistance Program offers a variety of free services for company drivers and in-house associates in the areas of counseling, legal support and resources, financial information and resources and work-life solutions.  Additionally, these same benefits are available to associates’ immediate dependents, so spouses and children can also take advantage of the program.

According to Trish Robey, a benefits specialist at Prime, the EAP is underutilized, and she would like to see more associates use the variety of services.  Under counseling services, Prime team members can receive three free counseling sessions per issue.  Highly trained experts can help address concerns such as marital problems, stress and anxiety, grief and loss and substance abuse.  In regards to legal support, associates are eligible for a free 30-minute legal consultation with a lawyer per issue.  If further representation is needed, team members with receive a 25% deduction in customary legal fees.  Prime team members can also speak to certified financial planners and CPAs about a variety of financial issues, such as getting out of debt, retirement planning, estate planning and more.  And when it comes to managing work-life solutions, specialists provide qualified referrals and customized resources for life events such as figuring out child or elder care, moving and relocation plans, pet care, college planning and more.  The work-life specialists will do the time-consuming research for you, so you can make the best decisions possible about important life matters.

Prime’s Employee Assistance Program is completely anonymous, and help is only a call or click.  To access the EAP, just call 1-800-865-1044 or go online here.  You’ll then need to have your web ID handy, which is simply Prime.


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