Pretty in Pink

As an owner/operator for Prime Inc., Kathryn Moore, better known as KD, knew she wanted her truck to stand out, but she wasn’t quite sure exactly how.  But for as long as Moore can remember, she has had a pink steering wheel cover on her truck.  “I’ve always liked the color pink, so I knew I wanted to incorporate it somehow,” she explains.  So with that idea in mind, she handed the reins to her 18-year-old son, Bryce Matthews, to design the perfect wrap for her truck.  His final design—a hot pink and black casino-themed design that gets a lot of attention.

Moore’s pink and black casino-themed truck stands out from the crowd.  With pink and white dice rolling up the front end as if the wind blew them, it’s no wonder Moore can’t make a stop without being asked for a picture.  “I get plenty of compliments and tons of honks and thumbs up when I’m driving,” Moore says.  In fact, she gets so many requests for pictures that she created her own TikTok and has amassed more than 30,000 views on her posts.  Of course, Moore’s vibrant wrap isn’t the only unique thing about her truck.  She also added custom lights underneath, which shine in multiple colors and can be set to put on quite a show.

While Moore occasionally enjoys gambling, it’s not her primary hobby.  She says the casino theme has a more personal meaning behind it.  “Trucking is a gamble; heck life is a gamble.  We’re all still lucky to be rolling.”  Moore couldn’t be happier with the wrap her son designed, and she has enjoyed customizing her truck so much she has plans to continue adding to the truck’s design with new features, including rhinestones to add that extra sparkle.

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