Prime Driver Emily Plummer Shares Health Journey

I started driving for Prime in 1999 when I was only 22 years old. Back then, like most 22-year-olds, I wasn’t really concerned about my health. I ate whatever I wanted because I never thought it would actually affect me. I didn’t start focusing on my health until the doctor gave me the scare of a lifetime. I knew then and there that if I was going to enjoy life to its fullest that I had to take a completely different approach with my health choices.

My health journey started with an emergency room trip due to having pneumonia. It was there that the doctor told me I had to start watching what I put into my body. He also told my that my blood sugar was through the roof and that I had an A1C of 13.9, and the scale only goes to 15. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels were also sky-high which really opened the door to either start making healthier decisions, or be forced to quit the job I loved as a Prime driver, and possibly even worse if i didn’t get my blood sugar and cholesterol levels under control. The doctor recommended I look into the Keto diet. He said that if I followed it I would be able to lower my A1C and possibly even get off medication. I wasted no time and started doing research and began following the Keto diet immediately as of October 2017.

Once I began the Keto diet I took a little bit of a different approach than most people do. I didn’t really focus on my weight but instead decided to really hone in on lowering my blood sugar levels. Once I learned how to lower those sugar levels the weight started to fall off. Nowadays my number one priority is maintaining healthy sugar levels so that I can continue to be a Prime driver. I know if I don’t make my health a priority I might lose this job that I have grown to love so much since starting some 20 years ago.

Over the years I have learned some invaluable lessons about practicing health in my own life. Number one rule: Know that you are important! Don’t wait until a doctor scares you with some awful health news. Start taking steps in your health journey before it gets to that point. Rule number two; start slow. You will mess up. You will eat something you shouldn’t. But that’s all okay. Just remember to stay consistent by learning from your mistakes so that they are less likely to happen the next time around. Never be afraid to ask questions and ask for help, that’s what the Prime Driver Health and Fitness program is there for. Use the driver health program as a support team and you’ll start to see some amazing results. There are so many other drivers going through what you are, so just remember you’re not alone in this fight! Rule number three; get a plan. One thing I do nowadays is to schedule my meals. In the morning when I wake up I’ll pack my lunch and set it beside the seat. I don’t leave snacks beside the seat anymore, instead, I make it a priority to park and get up to get a healthy snack. This helps me get a little exercise and keeps me from mindlessly snacking throughout the day.

Love yourself enough to want to get healthier for your family, your kids, and yourself most importantly. The smallest changes can mean a world of difference. Don’t be too afraid or stubborn to reach out and ask for help. Food can be an addiction that we sometimes ignore, but trust me, we can break the cycle. My heaviest weight was 325 pounds and let me tell you when the weight started falling off I felt so much better. Plus, with the extra weight loss, I was able to get off the dreaded CPAP machine. I still have goals I’d like to hit with my weight, but I’m definitely better off than I used to be. Since October of 2017, I’ve lost a total of 118 pounds and am healthier and happier than ever before!

-Emily Plummer

Looking for some assistance with your health journey or for meal and workout inspiration? Check out our Prime Inc. Driver Health and Fitness program here:

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