Prime Driver Named Missouri’s 2009 Driver Of The Year

Prime Driver Named Missouri’s 2009 Driver Of The Year

Springfield, Mo. – Prime Inc. announces Harvey Williams as Missouri’s 2009 Driver of the Year. An Independent Contractor in the Refrigerated Division, Harvey drives team with his wife Sue. Of this prestigious honor Harvey stated, “We’ve wanted this for a long time. We just love it. You can’t go higher than this as far as I’m concerned.”

A career driver, Harvey has driven over 6 million miles accident-free. His father, who drove a truck and was also a crop duster, taught him the importance of safety from the beginning of his career. Harvey’s father used to share his secrets to safe driving. “Just watch what you’re doing. Keep your head moving all the time,” Harvey said of his father’s advice. “Before you ever get in your truck you go around your truck and you inspect everything. Make sure that everything is taken care of that pertains to safety,” he added.

Harvey contributes his success to his partnership with his wife of 43 years. “I couldn’t have done it without her. Anything that I have done, Sue has done with me.”

Harvey has been with Prime Inc. for nearly 11 years, “There’s nothing in this world that we wouldn’t do for Prime or they wouldn’t do for us. The equipment that we drive is the best equipment on the highway.”

Don Lacy, Director of Safety for Prime Inc. explained, “Safe driving is one the most important factors in choosing a driver of the year. Hard work, dedication and productivity complete the criteria. Harvey Williams’ superior record and work ethic make him a worthy recipient of this award. We are proud to have him as a member of our Prime family.”

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