Prime Inc. Contractors of the Year: 2000

Prime Inc. Contractors of the Year: 2000


Prime Inc. announces the recipients of their Contractor of the Year 2000 Awards. Winners receive a $1,000 cash prize and will represent Prime throughout the year 2000 at a variety of truck shows and other promotional events.

Bob and Sheila Conger are Prime's 2000 Contractors of the Year for the company's Refrigerated Division. A professional driver for over thirty-two years, Bob was joined on the road by his wife, Sheila, eight years ago and the couple have driven team ever since.

The Congers are originally from the Northeast and now reside in Berkshire, Vermont. They have two adult sons and four grandchildren. Occasionally, for several weeks at a time, they enjoy taking their grandchildren with them across the country. Though the couple claim to be "far too busy for hobbies," Bob is an avid deer hunter and they both enjoy spending time with the family as often as possible.


The Year 2000 Contractor for Prime's Flatbed Division is Bill Girdler, who has been with Prime since 1992. Bill, a driving professional since he was seventeen, has earned numerous PTC (Prime Time Certified) Awards for continuous on-time performance and has been recognized for six consecutive years without a service failure. According to Bill, who owns his 1996 Freightliner, "I wouldn't be able to do this if not for the wonderful support from Prime and from my wife, Karen."

Originally from Sumerset, Kentucky, Bill now lives in Pomona, Missouri, with Karen and their five children. "In my spare time, I enjoy deer hunting and fishing, but nothing is more important to me than spending time with my family," says Bill.

Contractors of the Month are selected by Prime's Refrigerated and Flatbed Divisions based on their on-time performance, profitability and safety records. Considered the elite members of Prime's fleet, these drivers automatically qualify for the prestigious Contractor of the Year award once they have received the monthly honor.

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