Prime Inc. Driver Meeting – August 20th

New week, new meeting! In this week’s meeting, we hear from Refrigerated Operations Managers, SBU #10, and more! Join us to learn about what’s going on at Prime Inc. We host our Driver Meeting every Friday morning at 8 a.m. CST at our Springfield, MO; Pittston, PA; and Salt Lake City, UT terminals. We hope you can make a Driver Meeting soon!

Didn’t catch the Driver Meeting this week? No worries! Watch the YouTube version or read through the Fast Facts below:

Steve Field & Dennis Davis (Safety) 

  • This week: 126 Total Inspections – 86 clean (68% Clean Inspection Rate)
  • Industry average for clean inspection rate is around 30% 
  • Our clean inspection rate is great, but we can still make it better. Focus on your pre-trip inspections! 

Jason Seymour (Refrigerated Operations Manager)

  • Prime drivers are making more money than they ever have before! 
  • Potential first year earnings for Prime Student Drivers (Refrigerated-Solo Lease Operator Route)
    • During TNT training phase (first 9 weeks), earnings will be around $8,100 ($900/week) 
    • After you upgrade, your average earnings over the next 13 weeks will be around $1,565/week (approx. $20,000) 
    • After 13 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to become a trainer – adding an extra $300 per week for the next 4 weeks ($1,865/week for an additional $7,500) 
    • After you take your student out, you’ll have the chance to drive as a team – average team earnings have been over $3,000/week in the past year 
    • All in all, you can earn over $100,000 in your first year at Prime! 

Small Business Unit #6 (Ryan Blankenship, Amanda Siess, Rodney Harrill, Brennon Officer)

     Fleet Manager:

  • We have an open-door policy at Prime, if you need to call you Fleet Manager everyday – do it!
  • You’re expected to communicate with your Fleet Manager on a weekly basis 


  • Can help update W4, set up direct deposit, and understand your payroll
  • Need help setting up an emergency fund as an Independent Contractor? Contact your payroll adviso
  • You can find your payroll advisor’s information on the Prime Mobile App
  • For fraud protection and to sign up for Comdata OnRoad text alerts, text “IN” to 57911

     Road Assist: 

  • Daily inspections are very important in keeping your truck ‘road-ready’
  • Stay on top of your routine maintenance!
  • Sign up for Pro-Maintenance through your Fleet Manager or Road Assist Advisor – Pro-Maintenance is offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 a.m. in Springfield, MO! 


  • Your log advisor is here to educate you so you can pass your inspections!
  • It’s very important to properly use your personal conveyance – if you’re caught misusing personal conveyance, it can hurt your CSA score
  • Personal conveyance is meant only for short-distance, personal use – nothing work related or long distance
  • On-duty time should include your physical work – fueling, pre/post trip inspections, inspections, and in the case of an accident 
  • Your log advisor can only make changes to logs that have already been certified – please certify your logs before calling in 
  • You must have a log book on the truck for each driver – if you do not have one per driver, this can result in a ticket 
  • Sign up for our Logs Class through your Fleet Manager or Logs Advisor – Logs Class is offered at 1:30 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday in Springfield, MO 

Stan Auman (Refrigerated Operations Manager) 

  • If you experience issues that need to be addressed during the training process, reach out to your Fleet Manager, an Operations Manager, or Stan Kasterke (Manager of the Training Department) 
  • Brooke Mosley is our female driver liaison – if you are a female driver and you’d like to speak to another female about an issue, reach out to Brooke 
  • Company Driver Pay (Refrigerated Division)
    • 48 cpm in a full-size truck 
    • 53 cpm in a lightweight truck 
    • The graduated company driver pay scale can be found on our website and will soon be available on the app
    • Company drivers can earn a weekly bonus for miles driven: 3,000 to 3,999 miles earn an additional 26 cpm, 4,000+ miles earn an additional 31 cpm 

Interested in driving for Prime? Apply online at For more information, give our recruiters a call at 866-290-1568. 

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