Prime Inc. Driver Meeting – August 13

In this week’s driver meeting, we heard from Jason Seymour on how you can earn over $100k in your first year at Prime! We also hosted speakers from our Maintenance and Road Assist departments to discuss keeping your truck in road-ready shape. We host our weekly Driver Meeting every Friday morning at 8 a.m. CST! Come by for free breakfast (MO, UT, and PA terminals) or tune in on Social Media. We hope to see you at next week’s Driver Meeting!

Didn’t catch the meeting this week? No worries! Watch the YouTube version or read the fast facts below:


Steve Field & Dave White | Safety

  • 3 Basic Principles at Prime: Do your best, do what’s right, and treat others the way you want to be treated
  • You can get your COVID Vaccine at Trinity Healthcare on Tuesday and Thursday: Find more information at
  • August 22 – August 28 is CVSA Brake Check Week – Check your breaks & be prepared

 Jason Seymour | Refrigerated Operations

  • Career path is in place to help new driver’s make over $100k in your first year at Prime
  • If you’re interested in becoming an Instructor/Trainer, reach out to your Fleet Manager to get the process started
  • There are many opportunities to earn bonuses as a Prime driver: longevity bonuses, clean inspection bonuses, and more

 Jason Barry | Pittston & Laredo Maintenance

  • Started working with a new piece of diagnostic equipment for ABS checks, electrical tests, and air tests – this new equipment will be coming to Laredo soon
  • Prime is based on hard work, dedication, and culture

Cody Atteberry | Salt Lake City Body & Paint Shop

  • Salt Lake City Body Shop currently has an open schedule – if you have pending issues with your truck, now is the time to have it fixed
  • Calling the Body Shop in advance allows them to order the parts you need and paint them in advance to keep driver’s down time as minimal as possible!
  • We don’t alter from the manufacturer paint color, so full body custom paint jobs are not an option – Stripes & Stuff in Springfield, MO can help with all your customization

 Steve Wutke | VP of Sales & Marketing

  • Your appearance and your demeanor when being inspected are a differentiator – Be professional!
  • Increasing our fleet size is great for all of us – our operators are the best salespeople we have
  • Our highest calling is Safety

 Robert Low | Owner & Founder of Prime Inc.

  • This company was built on the hard work and sacrifice of drivers
  • The most important thing is your safety and health
  • Thank you to ALL our drivers – Be Safe!

Interested in driving for Prime? Give our recruiters a call at 866-290-1568 or fill out an application at

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