Prime Inc. Driver Meeting – June 10th

Check out the Driver Meeting fast facts below to keep up with all things Prime!

Bill Sprague & Dave White – Safety

  • This week: 112 total inspections, 74 clean (66% clean rate)
    • Industry average: 35-40% clean rate
    • Having a clean, presentable truck makes a difference
    • Lease drivers get $100 for every clean inspection
    • Company drivers get $25 for every clean inspection
  • Make sure to keep up with your DOT physical expiration dates and get them on file
  • Inspections and violations go into Prime’s safety score which our customers look at
    • The higher our safety score, the more freight we get
  • Deer hits are currently up
    • If a deer runs in front of you do NOT try to swerve, the accident will be much worse
  • Last weekend was the Missouri Truck Driving Championship. There were 161 drivers from 28 companies
    • We had four winners:
      • Duane Grimme was first in tanker and will be going to nationals
      • Scott Fischer was first in flatbed and will be going to nationals
      • Michael Tatum was second in tanker
      • Joseph Wells was Rookie of the Year and second in the 4-axel class
    • Prime’s Truck Driving Championship will be held Labor Day Weekend at the picnic in Springfield, MO
  • 3 rules of safe driving:
    • Limit distractions in the cab
    • Keep a safe following distance
    • Drive a safe speed for the conditions and your abilities

Richard Brock – Refrigerated Operations Manager in Pittston, PA

  • If you’re coming to the PA yard, don’t bring a trailer that doesn’t need serviced
  • Long term parking in PA is going to get asphalt soon so please move your cars

Jeff Chism – Claims

  • Subrogation
    • If your truck or trailer is damaged, we try to gain back physical damages as well as money for your down time from the company that hit you
    • If you get hit, get photos of:
      • The registration and license of the person that hit you
      • Their vin number
      • Damages to both your truck and theirs
        • Try to do the whole scene rather than close-ups
      • If a shipper/receiver damaged your truck, get something in writing such as an incident report
      • If there’s a witness available, get their name, phone number, and written statement
      • Dash cams are hugely helpful
    • Check your bills for proper temperatures
    • Make sure all bills are signed and the trailer is fully unloaded after dropping off

Matt Hancock & Rachel Dreher – Driver Health & Fitness

  • The February to May Fit in 15 competition just ended
    • The competition will be offered twice a year while the program as a whole is offered all year
    • Our winners for this season were:
      • Dave Otto, Chris Shepard, and Victoria Martin winning engagement awards
      • Chris Shepard was the top weight loss winner with a 16% bodyweight loss
      • Mike Nissley won the raffle for drivers who lost 10% or more of their bodyweight
    • 1 to 2 pounds a week is healthy weight loss
    • One-on-one nutrition and personal training are always available
    • Functional Freedom is our new stretching program geared toward back pain and is completely free
    • The Plate Method is great for weight loss
      • ½ of your plate should be vegetables
      • ¼ of your plate should be carbohydrates
      • ¼ of your plate should be protein

Andy Bell – Onsite Carrier Rep

  • Don’t be scared to run a defrost cycle on a frozen load, it won’t hurt the load
    • You may need to run defrost cycles multiple times before water stops running out
  • Use wet paper towels if a rubber kazoo (drain plug) is missing so air won’t go into the reefer unit
  • Run a pre-trip cycle every time you pick up or drop off a load

Bill Boehning – Security

  • If you plan on going home for 4th of July, get with your fleet manager to find a safe place to leave your tractor and trailer
  • Always lock your trailer
  • Self-defense classes are now offered, sign up in the Prime App or by using this link
    • First class is from 8am-10am June 16
    • Second class is from 3pm-5pm June 23
  • Stay aware of your surroundings and off your phone while walking around

Robert Low – Owner & CEO of Prime Inc

  • Do your best
  • Do what’s right
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated


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