Prime Inc. Driver Meeting Live – May 21st

In this week’s driver meeting, we hear from our vendor reps at Peterbilt, International, Freightliner, and Thermo King. Plus, Sam Messick is back with more fuel network updates with special guest Ethon Stanford from Pilot Flying J Travel Centers.


Click on a time below to jump to the speaker you’d like to hear: 

0:00 Steve Field (Safety Department)

6:46 Justin Kaufman (Manager of Road Assist)

7:54 Phil Goller (Thermo King )

8:58 Chad Taylor (International)

10:10 Van Gertner (Peterbilt)

11:15 Jeff Waara (Freightliner)

14:27 Sam Messick (Fuel Network) & Ethon Stanford (Pilot Travel Centers)

37:14 Brett Vonwiller (Tanker Division)

39:51 Jim Wilkins (Flatbed Division)

43:39 Jim Guthrie (Refrigerated Division)

48:33 Steve Wutke (VP Sales & Marketing) & Robert Low (President & Founder)


Can’t watch or listen this week? No problem! Check out the fast facts below to keep up with the latest Prime Inc. Driver Meeting Live news:

Steve Field (Safety):

  • 3 accidents this week
  • 17 million miles driven by Prime this week
  • 1 rollover this week – no injury – route has been blocked on Omnitracs Qualcomm

 Justin Kaufman (Road Assist):

  • Introducing Vendor Reps, including:
    • Phil Goller – Thermo King
    • Chad Taylor – International
    • Van Gertner – Peterbilt
    • Jeff Waara – Freightliner
    • Andy Bell – Carrier
    • Stephanie – TA/Petro
    • You can reach our vendor reps by calling your Road Assist advisor or find vendor contact info under “My Contacts” in the Prime Mobile App.

 Sam Messick (Fuel Network) & Ethon Stanford (Pilot Flying J):

  • What is the One9 Network and does Pilot Flying J plan to continue to grow it?
    • One9 Network provides a Pilot Flying J experience to smaller fleets, without the discounts that Prime receives.
    • The One9 Network benefits Prime by reducing traffic at the “traditional” locations we purchase fuel from.
  • How has the Berkshire Hathaway acquisition affected Pilot Flying J? Should we, as drivers, notice any change?
    • Pilot Flying J is investing more in their locations than ever before.
    • They are working to hire 10,000 new employees this summer, while keeping cleanliness as a priority.
  • Is Southern Tire Mart now owned by PFJ?
    • PFJ is now in a joint venture with Southern Tire Mart
    • Plan to have 200-300 Southern Tire Mart locations at PFJ truck stops in the next 2 years
  • PFJ Fresh Menu is currently at around 50% of PFJ’s 750 locations – Salad bar, fresh food, healthier choices for drivers
  • Push for Points program is now based off fueling 50 gallons or more (no longer 75 gallons)

Brett Vonwiller (Tanker Operations):

  • Tanker business is stronger than it has ever been.
  • Tanker division is already overbooked for next week. If you are ready to run, we’ll keep you busy!
  • Savannah Kleen is reopening to drivers next week- including bathrooms!

Jim Wilkins (Flatbed Operations):

  • We turned down more loads than we hauled in the Flatbed division last week.
  • Flatbed Teams averaged between $3,200 – $3,300 last week after all expenses paid.
  • Jim challenges drivers to join him in focusing on health and fitness!
  • Customers are proud of the job our drivers are doing!

 Jim Guthrie (Refrigerated Operations):

  • Our customers need our support: demand is very high for food products to stock the shelves.
  • June is traditionally one of the very best months in the Refrigerated division!
  • Safety is always number one priority!

Robert Low (President & Founder) & Steve Wutke (VP Sales & Marketing):

  • Driver Meeting Live is back in-person on June 4th!
  • Friday, May 28th=no more masks required in the Springfield terminal. Masks are already not required at the Salt Lake City terminal.
  • If you have an issue or concern, discuss with your fleet manager and we will work to fix/address them.
  • Thank you Veterans!
  • Stay tuned for updates on our traditional Prime events coming back soon!
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