Prime Inc. Driver Thomas Miller Appointed Captain for America’s Road Team

Prime Inc. Driver Thomas Miller Appointed Captain for America’s Road Team

Thomas Miller, an independent contractor who drives for Prime Inc., recently became a captain for America’s Road Team, the first person with Prime to receive this honor. America’s Road Team is a nationwide public outreach program, led by an elite group of professional truck drivers, to promote safety.

Thomas is a professional truck driver with 17 years of experience (including 14 with Prime Inc.) and has accumulated over 2.5 million accident free miles. The Missouri Trucking Association also named him Driver of the Month in August 2011 and again in September 2012. Those are just a few of the safe driving awards bestowed on Thomas, a clear indication why he is a perfect captain for America’s Road Team.

The America’s Road Team motto is “Safety is Our Driving Concern.” Thomas Miller says, “Our main focus is talking to trucking companies, trucking organizations, state legislators and anyone else who will listen to our information about trucking safety.” Thomas credits Prime Inc. for having a strong focus on safety and continuous training which helped him achieve this prestigious honor.

The American Trucking Association created America’s Road Team in 1986. Every two years, the organization chooses drivers they consider to be exceptional to serve as Road Team Captains. Each month captains spend a few days meeting with the public, news media, transportation officials, and legislators to discuss trucking safety. Thousands of drivers apply to the ATA for the position each year, which requires submission of a video, a letter, a list of accomplishments and certifications. Thomas was one of 18 drivers chosen out of 2,400 applicants to represent America’s Road Team.

“I am the first driver Prime has nominated,” Thomas said. “Steve Fields came to my safety supervisor, David White, and said, ‘Hey, you really need to nominate Thomas for this road team,’ and with the support of John Hancock and Jennifer Pierson—who was a godsend in the entire process—I was successful in being appointed to this prestigious team.” Thomas says he has presented information for America’s Road Team at the Mid-America Truck Show and plans to head to Minnesota to speak at their state capitol, then to Maine for more presentations on trucking safety.

“We are proud to call Thomas a Prime associate and congratulate him on this prestigious honor,” said John Hancock, Director of Training and Driver Recruitment at Prime Inc. “Thomas exemplifies the hard work, dedication, and commitment to safety our company strives to meet every day.”

Thomas has also competed at the Missouri State Truck Driving Championship where he placed first in the tank class in 2006 and in 2012 and went on to compete at the National Truck Driving Championships those years. He placed second in 2002 and placed third in his division in 2007, 2011, and 2013.

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