Prime Inc. First in Missouri to Use New Homeland Security Training

Prime Inc. First in Missouri to Use New Homeland Security Training

March 23, 2005 – Prime Inc., North America’s largest refrigerated carrier, is partnering with the Missouri Motor Carriers to distribute a new audio CD that will train drivers on how to be part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Highway Watch program. Prime is the first trucking company in Missouri to utilize this training format.

Having the training in audio format significantly decreases the time needed for training over-the-road truck drivers to recognize potential safety and security threats and avoid becoming a target of terrorists. “Drivers can now be trained as they do their jobs instead of waiting weeks to schedule and participate in an instructor-delivered seminar,” said Robert Low, president and founder of Prime Inc.

Ross Nichols, Director of Member Services, Missouri Motor Carriers, hand delivered the CD’s to Prime Inc. on Tuesday, March 22nd to begin the process of distributing the CD’s to Prime’s 3,300 drivers. “As this partnership with Prime illustrates, the Highway Watch program is a successful example of the federal government, industry groups, state associations and trucking companies working together for homeland security,” said Nichols.

“Prime and its drivers are active participants in the Highway Watch program,” said John Hancock, Director of Training and Driver Recruitment. “It is also just as important for us to encourage other groups that regularly travel the nation’s roadways to take advantage of this unique training.”

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