Prime Inc. Raises Min Pay Per Mile To 95¢ For Reefer And Flatbed Division

Prime Inc. Raises Min Pay Per Mile To 95¢ For Reefer And Flatbed Division

Springfield, MO. – Prime Inc., headquartered in Springfield, MO., which pays its contractors 72 percent of revenue, has again raised its minimum guaranteed revenue for independent contractors in its refrigerated and flatbed divisions, ensuring no less than $95,000 for every 100,000 miles completed. This enhancement in guarantee still allows the operator to share in gains of the marketplace but have the assurance that it will never be lower than 95 cents per mile.

“We believe contractors should be paid on percentage of the revenue,” says John Hancock, Prime’s recruiting director. “If they are only being paid on a flat per mile rate, they’re not benefiting from the potential of the marketplace. At Prime, our operators immediately reap the rewards when the marketplace moves upward.”

Hancock notes at Prime independent contractors also get 100 percent of the fuel surcharge and this guaranteed minimum revenue also includes all authorized miles, loaded or empty.

According to market insiders, a shift in supply and demand will soon drive load revenue higher. Due in part to carrier failures and fleet size reductions over the past few years, the supply of capable carriers and qualified drivers has shrunk while demand has steadily grown. Accordingly, pricing potential will increase as demand strengthens in spring/summer.

“We’re confident in our ability to reach in the marketplace and deliver superior earnings to our operators, and they get that immediate reward. We are confident enough of our freight network to pay 72 percent and still go no lower than 95¢ per mile plus 100 percent of the fuel surcharge,” says Hancock. “If you’re considering making a change, this is a great opportunity for you here at Prime. We understand you need to share in the market, yet still have this 95 cents in place as a stopgap.”

The latest increase in pay is effective immediately, making now an ideal time to join the Prime team. For more information call 1-877-PRIME-JOB or apply online.

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