Prime Inc. Trainer Honored For Service and Teaching Abilities

Prime Inc. Trainer Honored For Service and Teaching Abilities

Prime Inc. Trainer Honored For Service and Teaching Abilities John Callahan and Danny Gibbons

(Springfield, Missouri)-John Callahan, recently named the 2012 Instructor of the Year at Prime Inc. has never had an accident on the road. Like his teaching record, his driving is impeccable. A trainer at the company for three years, Callahan said "it was an honor" to be recognized for his efforts.

"Becoming an instructor of the year is not a selection of the most popular by a group of peers. It is a medal won due to the commitment to wanting to help others achieve a goal," according to Stan Kasterke, Program Manager at Prime. "We call it being a team player. In reality, this person is the team captain who leads other instructors and apprentices to achieve a goal."

Callahan, who is married, with four children, was raised in Colfax, Iowa. He has been with Prime for nearly four years. "We have a dinner to honor the top 10 instructors each year. I have made the Top 10 list twice," he said. "I started out as a regular driver, gained experience on the road, went through the necessary courses, and ended up Instructor of the Year three years later. That's probably one of the best things you could say about a training program."

Along with being named the 2012 Instructor of the Year, Callahan received $500, a plaque, and will have his name added to the Instructor of the Year Wall of Fame at Prime. He also received a $50 gift certificate for Oasis Restaurant, a gift certificate for a free hair cut or massage, and a free truck detail.

Additional instructors honored alongside Callahan for their service include: John Lewis, John Carrigan, Justin Humiston, Eddie Neblett, Scott Dahlstrom, Timothy Wiemer, James Fuller, Keith Luce, William Parkman, and Mark Gaines.

All of these individuals worked to help the 1,355 students in the 2012 Prime training program earn their CDL license. Callahan, who said he was a "casualty of the economy," joined Prime for the income. After signing, he discovered the organization was "great from top to bottom."

His first trainer, Danny Gibbons, remains his greatest inspiration. "The best thing about being an instructor," the newly honored Callahan said, "is that you get to see the country and you get to help students with their careers."

He describes his training experiences with new drivers out on the road as fun and readily admits to being stuck in a mud hole once or twice. "Overall," he said, "I think the more boring the better, especially when it comes to driving."

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