Prime Inc. | Truck Driving for All

Prime Inc. | Truck Driving for All

Here at Prime Inc., we’re pleased to have such a variety of talented, hardworking drivers on our team. The men and women who drive for us have different backgrounds and future ambitions, but there’s one thing they each have in common: a passion for truck driving and hauling the goods that America needs.

One of the most popular ways to join our team is through the Prime Student Driver Program. This option gets you on the fast track to becoming a professional commercial truck driver. Thousands of ambitious new drivers have completed the program and joined our team. Here’s a closer look at three drivers who completed orientation together and joined Prime in February 2013.

Jonathan Alo, Prime Inc. Truck Driver

Jonathan Alo 300x200 Prime Inc. | Truck Driving for AllBefore becoming a truck driver, Jon was a firefighter/EMT. He decided to leave his job after five years and pursue a career in truck driving. He still spends some of his free time as a volunteer firefighter, but he loves the opportunity to get paid “touring” the lower 48 states as a professional truck driver. In less than a year, Jon has already become a trainer, so he can pass on the skills and knowledge he has acquired at Prime.

When asked to narrow down what he likes best about Prime Inc., Jon said: “Everything. I love this company, and everything it stands for! Prime is one big family here. Great friends, great people!”

John Shelby, Prime Inc. Truck Driver

John Shelby 300x200 Prime Inc. | Truck Driving for AllJohn was a DirecTV installer/service technician before he started his truck driving career with Prime. When he was ready for a career change, he realized Prime Inc. was right for him because he had enjoyed local delivery jobs in the past and was ready to take those skills to the next level.

When asked why he enjoys working for Prime, John answered: “They treat everyone like family, and they care. When going through the Prime Student Driver Program, my favorite part was the fact that Prime makes sure each student is trained to the best of their ability before going out on their own.”

Bradley Esco, Prime Inc. Truck Driver

Bradley Esco 300x200 Prime Inc. | Truck Driving for AllBrad’s pre-trucking career involved operating machinery at a factory that made baked goods. He wanted to change his career when he realized he could earn more money as a truck driver. All it took was a quick Google search and an online application to the Prime Student Driver Program – the rest, as they say, is history.

When asked how he feels about Prime Inc., Brad stated: “Prime is made up of great people, and they really love their drivers. My favorite part of the Prime Student Driver Program was the hands-on training instead of sitting in a classroom.”

Despite their different backgrounds, each of these drivers came together and started a lifetime career they truly love.

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