Prime Inc | What Makes Our Training Different From Other Programs?

Prime Inc | What Makes Our Training Different From Other Programs?

If you want to start your truck driving career with an industry-leading carrier, look no further than Prime Inc.  We have grown and expanded tremendously since our inception in 1970. Drivers with Prime Inc are some of the most qualified and highest-earning truck drivers on the road, and it all begins with our exceptional training program lead by top instructors. With outstanding incentives during and after training, there’s no reason to look anywhere else.

Prime Inc. Training

What makes our training program so different from other carriers? Consider the process of our Prime Student Driver Program:

  • Obtain your CDL permit: Study for the test and obtain a CDL permit in your state.
  • Train on-site: Your training begins at Prime Inc’s Training Center in Springfield, Mo. Here, you experience hands-on simulator training as you work toward a minimum of 40,000 training dispatched miles.
  • Train on-the-road: Drive for three to four weeks in almost-new equipment with a CDL instructor at your side. Real-world experience driving is the way to earn 75 hours of time behind the wheel. In addition, this is how you earn the first 10,000 miles of the 40,000 miles you need to graduate the program.
  • Train one-on-one: Whether you’re in a driving simulation or getting experience behind the wheel, you can expect one-on-one training with the best instructors the industry has to offer.
  • Pass the final skills test: Back in Springfield, you must pass the final CDL exam, obtain a Hazmat endorsement (if you wish), and receive certification as a B2 company driver trainee.
  • Earn a guaranteed income (provided you are able to work): After you have acquired your CDL and are hired, you earn 12 cents per mile or $600 weekly guaranteed. This is your income as you finish off the final 30,000 miles you need to complete the program.
  • Take ACE Orientation at the Prime Inc Training Center: With all 40,000 miles complete, you must pass the upgrade skills test to boost your income to 34 cents per mile. This earns you $650 to $750 per week.

Trainer, John Callahan, whose teaching and driving records are impeccable, has only praise for his company. “I started out as a regular driver, gained experience on the road, went through the necessary courses, and ended up Prime Inc. Instructor of the Year three years later,” said John. “That’s probably one of the best things you could say about a training program.”

In 2012, instructors worked to help over 1,000 students earn their CDL license through the Prime training program. Callahan, who said he was a casualty of the economy, joined Prime for the income. After signing, he realized the organization was great from top to bottom. Callahan’s first trainer, Danny Gibbons, remains his greatest inspiration. The best thing about being an instructor, the newly honored Callahan says, is that you get to see the country and you get to help students with their careers.

He describes his training experiences with new drivers out on the road as fun and readily admits to being stuck in a sticky situation once or twice along the way.  Overall, he says, “I pretty much think the more boring, the better, especially when it comes to driving.”

Like John Callahan, having completed this comprehensive training program, you can then say, “I’m Prime!” To learn more about the training you can receive from Prime Inc, be sure to visit our website. Then, connect with us on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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