Prime Refrigerated Bears Precious Cargo

Prime Refrigerated Bears Precious Cargo

At Prime, all cargo is precious. But on November 17, 2000, the cargo was not only precious; it was extraordinary. Refrigerated's David Jewell, truck #88408, was dispatched to the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona, where a 600-pound polar bear was loaded into his truck for transport to Los Angeles, California.

Kanook, a 16-year-old female polar bear who has been a resident of the Reid Park Zoo for the last four years, was acquired by Sea World Australia, south of Brisbane. Sea World contracted Hellman Worldwide in Australia to handle the logistics for Kanook's transport to her new home "down under." Hellman's Florida office, Hellman Perishable Logistics, chose Prime, the company's preferred carrier, to transport the polar bear from the zoo to Los Angeles, where she would board a Qantas Airways chartered flight to Australia.

A zoo supervisor shot the polar bear in the right front shoulder with a tranquilizer dart before loading her into the truck. After her traveling crate was secured, a veterinarian injected her with Naltrexone, which reversed the effects of the tranquilizer. Zookeepers traveled with the polar bear to Los Angeles. The group arrived safely at the Qantas Airways freight facility the following day, November 18.

Kanook will be paired with Ping Ping, a two-year-old male on his way to Sea World from the Beijing Zoo. They will be Australia's first resident polar bears. Their new home, a six-million-dollar enclosed exhibit, was scheduled to open to the public on December 26.

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