Prime Teams with Drug Enforcement Administration to Stop Transport of Illegal Narcotics

Prime Teams with Drug Enforcement Administration to Stop Transport of Illegal Narcotics

Prime, Inc., a leading international refrigerated, flatbed and liquid bulk truckload carrier headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, recently teamed with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to stop the transport of illegal narcotics into the United States.

Following the discovery that eighteen-wheelers were being used to transport illegal narcotics out of Mexico and into the U.S. through Texas and Mexico, a case developed out of the DEA's Springfield office in June. Resident Agent in Charge Nicholas Console commends Prime Inc. President Robert Low for his contributions to the investigation. "Because of his dedication to law enforcement, he saw fit to loan us a truck to use in the operation," says Console. "Without his help, we wouldn't have been able to do it." Prime also assisted the two special agents assigned to the investigation in attaining the Commercial Driver's License (CDL) they each needed to drive the truck.

Posing as truck drivers and "playing the part of transporter," the DEA agents were "hired" to transport drugs into the U.S. and were thus able to seize several hundred pounds of marijuana, several kilograms of cocaine, and make ten arrests in New Mexico. The investigation is ongoing, and several more arrests are expected once indictments are made. According to Console, most of the illegal narcotics are being transported to the eastern United States, namely Chicago and New York.

Prime has made a strong commitment to assisting law enforcement agencies nationwide. "We do all kinds of proactive projects all across the country on a day-to-day basis," says Randy Price, directing manager, corporate security, Prime Inc. "This one was unique in that we got to work with the local DEA office."

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