Technology Today - Weigh Station Bypass System

Technology Today - Weigh Station Bypass System

Weigh Station Bypass System Offers Non-Stop Innovations

Prime Inc. recently signed up for PrePass, the nation's first electronic weigh station bypass service which was designed, developed and operated by Lockheed Martin IMS. "We did so," according to Robert Low, president of Prime, "because PrePass is good for everybody in the industry. Everybody wins. Trucks keep moving, safety is enhanced and pollution is reduced."

PrePass allows trucks to be weighed at highway speeds and have their state-required credentials checked without stopping. Launched in California in 1995, PrePass utilizes innovative automatic vehicle identification technologies, weigh-in-motion sensors and transponders to electronically weigh and identify trucks as they approach weigh stations. After trucks are weighed and their credentials checked, an in-cab transponder lets drivers know if they can bypass the weigh station.

Tests conducted by Prime on numerous trucks proved highly successful among driver associates. According to one Prime driver associate, "It was well worth the 99¢ charge to bypass the weigh station. It saved me time, fuel and the hassle of waiting at the weigh station." Fees assessed to the truck by PrePass are deducted from monthly settlements and there is no charge for equipment to be installed.

Safety is enhanced because congestion at weigh stations is reduced. Air quality and fuel efficiency are also improved because trucks aren't required to idle for extended periods of time at weigh stations. Productivity and driver morale increase because drivers are able to drive more miles and loads reach their destinations sooner.

Prime Inc. is committed to pursuing innovative new technologies such as PrePass in ongoing efforts to meet the challenges of the trucking industry as the next century unfolds.

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