The Key to Eating Well on the Road

It will come to no surprise that keeping up with your health and fitness can be a bit tricky when most of your time is spent driving.  That’s where Prime’s Fit in 15 program comes in.  Through the program, drivers and Prime associates can work with personal trainers and dieticians like Rachel Dreher to come up with meal plans that meet their needs and their schedule.

Rachel actually considered medical school before changing her focus to study dietetics.  “I wanted to focus more on root causes because a lot of the time, people’s root issues are nutrition,” she says.  After post-graduate work through an Iowa State distance program, Rachel joined the outpatient nutrition program at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri.  She joined Prime around Thanksgiving 2021.

Now, Rachel contributes nutrition content to the Fit in 15 site created by Driver Health and Fitness Coordinator, Matt Hancock.  It’s a 15-week program based on working out for 15 minutes a day and includes weekly accountability calls with the Prime Driver Health and Fitness team.  Rachel says she relies on drivers for ideas on practical sand healthful eating.

“Everything is tailored to what drivers tell me works for them,” she says.  For instance, since drivers have limited space, Rachel is creating simple, healthful recipes that can be prepped before getting on the road or that don’t require much prep work.  One of her favorite recipes is a Southwest bowl.  It’s a versatile and healthy dish that drivers can easily change with bold new flavors and an optional spicy kick.

“Those are really good because you get a combination of protein and veggies and healthful complex carbs,” she says.  “It’s really easy to change around to whatever your preferences are.”


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