Truck Driver Training Goes Cutting Edge at Prime Inc.

Truck Driver Training Goes Cutting Edge at Prime Inc.

Prime inc. goes above and beyond the traditional methods of truck driver training to ensure associates get the best and most modern instruction possible for success on the road. Prime uses computer-based training methods and driving simulators for all new truck drivers, whether they’re signing up for the Prime Student Driver Program or transferring from another carrier.  A great deal of time and thought has gone into the truck driver training program, and it is evident in the quality of the associates working for Prime today.

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New truck drivers begin their careers with Prime by attending a 3 or 4 daylong orientation. The classes are a combination of hands-on training and class work; the classroom portions are computer-based, and students work at their own pace. This keeps the material fresh, and periodic knowledge checks ensure that new associates understand the material. Feedback is instantaneous. Unlike other orientation and training programs designed to just “check the box” for new drivers, Prime is invested in truck driver training. Prime takes great care in making sure new associates have all of the materials, knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

In addition to computer-based classroom training, all new truck drivers get seat time in one of four state-of-the-art driving simulators. Even if they’ve never sat in a tractor-trailer before, the simulators let drivers experience driving, shifting, control, and backing in a safe environment before they ever head out to the training pad. Experienced drivers new to Prime also get to sit at a simulator as a part of their truck driver training and orientation. It evaluates their skills coming in and shows where additional or focused training may be needed to enhance their truck driving skills.

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The simulators can present a variety of driving conditions to a truck driver. They can simulate the effects of snow, ice, glare, and night driving. They can also simulate any type of surface, from a two-lane mountain road to a prairie interstate. When combined, these two sets of conditions can provide opportunities for truck driver training that can’t be found anywhere else. Because even seasoned drivers might never have driven in all conditions, the simulator lets them experience those conditions before they have to deal with them for the first time while on the road.

Prime’s goal is to provide the best training available for all associates and allow them to be successful in their careers which is why so much has been invested in the training programs. Computerized training systems and driving simulators are expensive to buy and maintain, but it is money well spent. By giving drivers the knowledge and skills they need in a safe and interactive truck driver training facility, they head out better prepared to face any challenges they may encounter. Traditional training, merged with cutting-edge technology, provides a world-class training experience for new truck drivers at Prime.

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