Explore The Benefits of Truck Driving for Veterans

After you’ve served our country, you may be returning home feeling unsure about what to do next. Getting back into the civilian career force can be confusing, especially when you’re not sure how your military experience will apply to most jobs. What are you supposed to do next?

At Prime, we pride ourselves on creating a career path that suits our nation’s veterans. The discipline and hard work ethic you’ve developed while serving makes you a perfect fit for our company and for the career of a truck driver. Not only that, we provide a great deal of benefits to our veterans to honor their service prior to joining our fleet.

Find out more about becoming a truck driver as a veteran.

How do I get started?

Most of our drivers start the process of joining our company by going through our Prime Training Program to earn their CDL. However, veterans may get an extra boost in their training thanks to a program that allows those with driving experience to receive a waiver for their CDL exam. You would still be required to take the written test, but you would not have to take the road test. This means that you can start with company orientation and then move on to paid training immediately after, cutting down the time you’ll spend training and getting you closer to heading out on the road.

This waiver is available through several criteria. First, one could have two years of safe driving experience operating heavy-duty trucks or buses while serving. As long as you apply within a year of returning, you may be able to use this experience to earn your CDL waiver.

Waivers are also available to those who have held certain MOSs may be eligible for a knowledge test waiver:

  • Army. 88M, Motor Transport Operator; 92F, Fueler; 14T, Patriot Launching Station Operator.
  • U.S. Marine Corps. 3531, Motor Vehicle Operator
  • U.S. Navy. EO, Equipment Operator
  • U.S. Air Force. 2T1, Vehicle Operator; 2F0, Fueler; 3E2, Pavement and Construction Equipment Operator.

What does Prime do to honor our veterans?

Honoring those who have served is core to what we do at Prime. This is accomplished in a variety of ways:

  • Complimentary decals are provided to veterans so they can display pride for their service on their trucks.
  • At each weekly safety meeting, veterans in attendance are recognized.
  • Each year, a Veteran’s Day parade is held in the Springfield, MO area to honor our servicemen and servicewomen in which Prime participates with our drivers who are Veterans.
  • Prime offers a shortened contract for those going through the CDL Training Program to obtain their CDL. Ask a Driver Recruiter for more info.
  • Prime participates in Wreaths Across America, an event where drivers deliver wreaths to wreath-laying ceremonies for fallen soldiers across the country.

More than all, we honor our veterans by providing them with a career that allows them to see the beauty of the country that they protected during their service. We thank all of our veterans for their sacrifice and hope to be a place that they can call home.

Are you interested in becoming a Prime driver? Sign up for our CDL Training Program and get started on your career as a truck driver. If you have more questions about your veteran status and how to get started, please reach out to us. We can’t wait to help you get on the road!

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