Update on Prime's Involvement in Joplin

Update on Prime's Involvement in Joplin

Springfield, Missouri – Prime Inc., a refrigerated, flatbed, tanker and logistics trucking company based out of Springfield, Missouri, is well known for making a difference in the community and surrounding areas.  The recent devastating tornado in Joplin, Missouri provided yet another opportunity for Prime and the company’s associates to step up and make a difference.

Last week, Prime sent two 53 foot refrigerated trailers to Joplin filled with food, water, clothing and supplies for victims of the devastating tornado.  All of the supplies were donated by Prime and the community of Springfield, Missouri.

Dozens of Prime associates have stepped up to help the victims.  A chef within the organization is on site with the American Red Cross Joplin preparing food for the City of Joplin disaster victims and its volunteers.  Prime associates and President Robert Low have also contributed over $10,000 for food and supplies to the local Red Cross.

In addition, Prime supplied water to Freeman Hospital in Joplin, the only working hospital in the area.  Because there was no running water in the area for nearly a week, Prime utilized their Tanker trucks to pressurize the water to get it pumped to the hospital while also transporting water from a nearby city with the company’s tanker trucks.

“We are only doing our part,” said President of Prime Inc. Robert Low.  “We have business interest on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I vividly recall the devastation left there in the wake of Katrina and how important and appreciated the relief efforts were to our 1,100 Biloxi associates whose homes and personal belongings were destroyed.  Joplin is reminiscent of that same devastation; our hearts go out to all the people affected.  It’s our chance to do for others what others did for us.”

The recovery rebuilding efforts in the Joplin, Missouri will continue for months and years to come, and Prime is committed to being a big part of those efforts.  For more information on the relief efforts supported by Prime Inc. visit Prime on Facebook or Flickr.

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