Want a New Job? | Work for a Company that Appreciates You

Want a New Job? | Work for a Company that Appreciates You

You have probably learned to take the good with the bad at work, but if you desperately want a new job, it is time to start exploring your options. Everyone deserves to work for a company that appreciates them. If you are tired of being compensated based on group norms, feeling under-appreciated, or bumping your head against the glass ceiling, then you want a new job at Prime Inc.

When you think about working for a trucking company like Prime, you might not consider the wide variety of positions that need to be filled As much as a successful carrier relies on its drivers, drivers rely on the non-driving associates to keep things running smoothly behind-the-scenes so they can successfully deliver their loads across the country on a daily basis.

If you want a new job, consider a behind-the-scenes, non-driving job at Prime. A handful of these types of positions include:

  • Operations Manager: In this position, your job is to primarily oversee and assist fleet managers and dispatchers to ensure that Prime Drivers are receiving the support they need while they are out on the road or in the terminal visiting their manager in person.
  • Driver Recruiter: It’s your job to find experienced drivers who want a new job to come drive for Prime as well as encourage those who would like to start a career in truck driving to join the Prime Student Driver program.
  • Staff Accountant: You are responsible for analyzing financial information and preparing financial reports as well as completing other various accounting tasks.

Prime is known for offering outstanding opportunities to drivers and non-drivers alike. If you need a new job though, don’t just take our word for it. Consider what these associates have to say about working for Prime:
  • “I love working for Prime… because I am rewarded for my individual effort and performance, not compensated based on a group norm.” –James Ely, Operations Manager
  • “I speak with people on a daily basis who work for other companies and feel that they are just a number. I love being part of a company that not only tells you that you are family but actually follows through and treats you like you are valuable.” –Lane Williams, Driver Recruiter
  • “I love working for Prime because I have fun every day that I come in to work.  It’s like working with a big family.” –Megan McMullin, Staff Accountant

If you want a new job and you’re ready to make your move, please visit the Prime website today to learn more about jump-starting your new career in the trucking industry.

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