Welcome Home Drivers!

Welcome Home Drivers!

When Prime drivers come into the terminal, sometimes after several months on the road, they see their name in lights! On a 12-foot electronic sign!

As the truck nears the main gate, a sensor reads the signal from a transponder mounted on the window. This signal goes to Prime's main computer system, which determines the truck number and the name of the driver. Using custom software designed especially for the task, the sign then displays the driver's name in lights over a foot high as the truck enters the Prime property.

"We wanted our drivers to know how much we appreciate them," said President Robert Low, when asked why he had the sign constructed. "Our drivers are number one at Prime. We try to treat them well throughout the company, and this personalized welcome sign is our way of saying 'Welcome Home'."

The base of the sign is a gleaming bronze metallic automotive acrylic finish. The electronic portion of the sign is a low-voltage display with the custom software. The interface with Prime's computer system was designed and developed by Prime's computer department. "The project was really pretty fun. Timing was the biggest challenge," said Karen Brigham, Director of Technology. "The system was written by Prime's I.T. staff and runs with very little maintenance or support."

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