Where Can a Career with Prime Inc. Take You?

Where Can a Career with Prime Inc. Take You?

See what Mike Crawford, one of Prime’s success stories, has to say!

Mike Crawford began driving for Prime Inc. as a company driver in 1994 just to see if “things worked out.”  Today, Mike has accumulated more than three million accident-free miles in the same truck he leased just weeks after he joined the company.

“I have an application in to the Guinness Book of World Records because we cannot find any evidence of another driver in one truck who has gone three million miles without an accident,” Mike said.  He reached the three million mile mark on his odometer on December 21, 2012, at 10:35 p.m. at mile marker 110.5 on eastbound Interstate 10 near Buckeye, Arizona.

Mike says he will forever be grateful to Prime Inc. for the opportunity he says provided a good life for his wife of 49 years, his eight children, 25 grandchildren and “6.2 great-grandchildren.  I say 0.2 because we have two more on the way.”

“When I started the truck driving job with Prime Inc. as a company driver, my credit rating was terrible,” Mike said.  “After being with the company a few weeks, Prime Inc. allowed me to lease the truck I am driving today, and then, four years later, I exercised the option to buy that same truck and continue to use it as an independent contractor.”

In 2010, Mike began to operate under his own authority and now runs his own trucking company while continuing to partner with Prime.  He credits the carrier with giving him the support he needed over the years to reach his professional goals.

Prime Inc. gives you the opportunity to start out with nothing and grow to an  independent contractor with your own authority.  The door was always open if there is something I needed to discuss with anyone in management, including the owner, Robert Low,” Mike said.

“We are extremely proud to have been a part of Mike’s success over the years,” said John Hancock, Director of Training and Driver Recruiting.  “Mike was always a hard-working, loyal, and dependable operator who took pride in providing the best in customer service.  Mike always put the customer first which has always been the key focus of Prime.”

Mike was named 2010 Trucker of the Year by Overdrive magazine and credits Prime Inc. for helping him get the award. He also received a recommendation for the award from a competitor trucking company which illustrates just how widely respected Mike is throughout the trucking industry.  Mike has won several awards from the Missouri Trucking Association and Prime Inc.

When reflecting on his years with Prime, Mike has high praise for Robert Low. “I feel that Robert Low sometimes cares more for his operators than for himself,” Mike said.  “I cannot say enough good about the man and his company.  He not only believes that his professional drivers are his most valuable asset but shows it in the way he treats them.  For years, he made it fun for me to come to work and encouraged me to eventually start my own company.”

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