Why Prime Inc. is a Good Fit

Why Prime Inc. is a Good Fit

There are many reasons why someone chooses to enter a career in the trucking industry. For those who drive for Prime Inc., some of the main reasons why they chose to come to drive for this company are the endless support they receive from in-house associates as well as fellow driver associates, the best equipment available, and the extensive freight network. For three drivers, Prime provided not only a job but the support they needed to grow, succeed, and achieve dreams some of them had since they were children.

Richard Robinson: Traveler

Richard Robinson overcame what seemed to be insurmountable odds to achieve his dream of becoming a professional driver. When he was 9 months old, both of his legs were amputated below the knee due to a birth defect requiring him to use prosthetics. Because of his disability, Robinson was denied CDL licensing, a requirement to drive large trucks. While working in law enforcement at a prison, Robinson read an online article about Prime Inc. and how they had built a reputation for standing up for associates. He decided to put that to the test.

“Prime welcomed me with open arms,” Robinson said. “Prime did in a few short weeks what it took me five years to try do to do, putting me through training and standing their ground to get me tested for my CDL. I don’t know how they did it, but they did, and I am so grateful.” With a son leaving for college, Robinson says his position with Prime allows him to travel for weeks at a time “getting paid to be a tourist” and says he cannot imagine doing anything else.

Shawn Johnson: Soldier, Driver, Athlete

Shawn Johnson, a driver with Prime Inc. for several years, credits Prime with helping him achieve two dreams he has had since childhood—truck driving and owning his own business. In addition to his duties as a driver with Prime, Johnson is also a staff sergeant in the Army National Guard, and is working toward earning his stripes as a sergeant first class while continuing to drive for Prime.

“Prime is extremely supportive of my military service,” Johnson said. “In fact, much of the equipment I drive in the Army is similar to those we drive for Prime. The only difference is the paint job and weaponry.” Johnson recently joined Prime’s Athletic Division, a health and fitness group comprised of many members of the Prime family.

“We run marathons and triathlons all around the country,” Johnson explained. “This is an excellent example of how supportive Prime is, as they recognize my need to stay physically fit for my military duties. Not only that, the Athletic Division includes people who simply want to live healthier lives by losing weight and becoming more fit. Prime Inc.’s dedication to keeping their people healthy is just another example of how much they care.”

Paul Hess: Trainer

New drivers learn the ropes from trainers, like Paul Hess, who has been with Prime Inc. since 1999. Hess takes drivers with a CDL permit and over a month-long period prepares them (one on one) to test for their CDL license through the Prime Student Driver Program. He credits Prime with giving him everything he needs to make new drivers road-ready.

“The training program includes CDL training, and I like the way the program is set up,” Hess explained. “Prime offers all the training a new driver needs to get started with the business. That says a lot about how much Prime cares, not only about new associates, but also about others that share the road with these big trucks. Safety is extremely important to Prime, and their training program makes that clear.”

Hess says that the most important traits a driver needs are a good attitude and a willingness to learn. Hess jokingly says that he cannot remember life before becoming a Prime Inc. driver.

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