Prime Inc. Driver Meeting LIVE – June 11th

In this week’s Driver Meeting LIVE, we host speakers from Logs, Happy Spine Chiropractic, The Mailroom, and MORE! Next week, we’ll be back in the café at 8:00 a.m. CST for another Driver Meeting. Can’t make it to the terminal? Catch the meeting livestreamed on Facebook or YouTube, listen on your podcast app, or read the fast facts straight from Check out this week’s YouTube version below:

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0:31 – Steve Field & Dave White (Safety)

19:49 – Brennon Officer (Logs)

29:40 – Dr. Popa (Happy Spine Chiropractic)

35:40 – Wes Dishman (Mailroom – Prime Driver Phone Program)

40:00 – Stan Auman (Refrigerated Operations Manager)

51:00 – John Blansit (Food & Beverage Director)

56:32 – Steve Wutke (VP Sales & Marketing)

1:00:48 – Robert Low (President & Founder)


Steve Field & Dave White (Safety)

  • 116 DOT Inspections last week. 74% of these inspections were clean.
  • We paid out $7,600 in clean inspection bonuses last week.
  • Alcohol on a CMV is illegal. No alcohol is allowed when you’re under dispatch.
  • We encourage you to purchase an updated Motor Carrier Atlas every 3 years.


Brennon Officer (Logs)

  • If you have edits that need to be made on your log, you must certify the log first.
  • Personal Conveyance is limited to one hour by Prime. In Canada, there is a firm limit of 50 miles per day.
  • You can manually change your operating zone by going into the ‘clocks’ tab.
  • Log classes resume next week. They will be held live inside the New Plaza Building in Springfield, MO at 1:30 p.m. CST, Monday – Friday.
  • Before you enter Canada, you must have a 24-hour break within the last 2 weeks.


Dr. Popa (Happy Spine Chiropractic)

  • Suggestion: even if you don’t have any back pain, go see a chiropractor every 2-3 months for maintenance.
  • Top 3 reasons for a driver to see a chiropractor: lower back, upper back, and neck pain.
  • Book your appointment now at!


Wes Dishman (Mailroom/Prime Driver Phone Program)

  • You can find the application on the Prime Mobile App under ‘discounts’.
  • We order the phones every Friday. It takes 2-3 weeks for your new phone to come in.
  • $35 application fee, then $10/week for unlimited talk, text, and data (50 GB mobile hotspot included)


Stan Auman (Refrigerated Operations Manager)

  • Your fleet manager is your lifeline at Prime.
  • We have around 1/3 of our in-house associates back onsite.
  • It’s important that you update your information and complete your live depart call each time you pick up a load.
  • Over the past 4 weeks, we billed our customers $550,000. Our operators were paid $400,000 of that.
  • Remember to time stamp your bills at every pick-up and delivery. Many of our customers will not accept the information from the Qualcomm, it must be on the bills!


John Blansit (Corporate Food & Beverage Director)

  • Thank you to all our café associates who have continued to work hard over the past year!
  • We try to keep a wide variety of food in the café. We are constantly trying to add more food to meet the wants/needs of our drivers!
  • We are discussing bringing the salad bar back at our terminals. Stay tuned!


Robert Low (President & Founder) & Steve Wutke (VP Sales & Marketing)

  • We’re proud of our drivers for the great work they’ve done over the past 15 months!
  • Thank you to our vendors!
  • Our highest calling is safety. We cannot move rates high enough to offset accidents!
  • We love to make BANK!
  • Be sure to stay in touch with the Driver Advisor Board under ‘Ask DAB’ on the Prime Mobile App!
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