Prime Inc. Driver Meeting Live – May 28th

In this week’s driver meeting, we host speakers from Success Leasing, Trinity Healthcare, and more. Next week, we’ll be back in the café for our first in-person driver meeting in over 14 months! Don’t worry, we’ll still be broadcasting live on Facebook and YouTube for those that can’t make it to the terminal. 

Can’t watch or listen this week? No problem! Check out the fast facts below to keep up with the latest Prime Inc. Driver Meeting Live news:  

Steve Field (Director of Safety): 

  • Last week for virtual-only driver meeting! Join us in-person or broadcast live at 8:00 a.m. CST Friday, June 4th. 
  • Million Mile Dinner: June 14th – attendees will include drivers who achieved 2, 3, and 4 million safe driving miles in 2019 and 2020 – and one guest. 
  • Salt Lake City Café hours are expanding on May 31st! Monday-Friday: 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. + Saturday-Sunday: 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. 

Kylah, Brittany, and Chelsey (Success Leasing): 

  • Our goal is to limit driver down-time once you get on the yard. To accomplish this, drivers might need to stay out with a trainer slightly longer than expected. 
  • Truck availability list: master waiting list that Refrigerated division drivers are placed on, while they’re out with their trainer, until we can get them in to get into their own truck. Flatbed and Tanker drivers do not need to get placed on the truck availability list but will still need to be cleared before we get you into your own truck. 
  • Lease drivers have the option to choose their truck – they have 3 hours to look at and test drive a truck before making this decision. 


Q: Do you offer manual transmissions? 

A: We do not offer manual transmissions in our standard fleet. The only way to do a manual transmission through Success Leasing is to do a lease purchase. The lease purchase includes a $14,000 down payment, which is due at the time you order your truck. 


Q: I ordered a custom Freightliner on April 16th. How long until I have a pickup date?

A: Truck orders are around 4-5 months out currently. Success Leasing is not receiving the VIN number until 2 months prior to the truck’s due date to come in. We are currently battling parts delays and transportation issues, which has caused a 2–3-week delay in trucks being delivered to us.


Q: If I order a truck with extras, do I pay that cost at the time of order? 

A: If you have been leasing with Success Leasing for at least one year, you have the option to pay for these extras in 10-weeks of payments. If you have not been leasing for one year, you will be required to pay for these extras at the time of order. 


Q: Will Prime be adding Volvo trucks to the fleet?

A: Our new 3-year truck deal will not include Volvo trucks. 


Q: Do lease drivers take precedence over company drivers?

A: No. Getting into your own truck is in order of check-in and comes down to who can get into the truck first. 


Q: My end of lease date is July 10th. How early should I put myself on the list to do a new lease?

A: We will not be able to put you on the list until you are on the yard and ready to look at trucks. You can turn your current truck in up to 7 days before the end of lease date. 


Q: I have finished my 30k miles 2 weeks ago. I’m at home now because my trainer is taking time off. Who will contact me to come in to take my classes?

A: Your fleet manager will contact you when you are approved to come in for upgrade classes. 


Q: Can you do lease completion dinners in Pittston? 

A: If you are out of Pittston, contact Rick Yarborough or Success Leasing to get your lease completion dinner set up. 


Q: As a lease purchase, how long can I take off?

A: In between leases, you can take up to 59 days off. Make sure to contact your fleet manager to discuss.


Q: If I lease purchase a truck, can I go with a different APU company?

A: Yes, you can order an APU from wherever you choose. Be sure to contact Success Leasing to discuss the specific requirements for APU’s. 


Q: What kind of trucks do you offer? 

A: We offer Freightliner, Peterbilt, and International trucks. All of our trucks are 2019 or newer, including brand new 2022 trucks. 


Dr. Abraham (Trinity Healthcare): 

  • Masks are no longer mandated at the Springfield terminal! If you choose to still wear a mask, feel free. 
  • Around 1700 vaccines have been given by Trinity Healthcare. 
  • Another vaccine is expected in the future, much like the yearly flu shot. 
  • We are currently working on getting Trinity Healthcare clinics set up at our Pittston, PA and Salt Lake City, UT terminals. 
  • The COVID-19 tests given at Trinity Healthcare are accepted PCR tests that will meet airlines requirements for traveling. 

Brian Brown (Flatbed division): 

  • We are excited to be back on-site to see drivers face-to-face! 
  • Summer is coming. Flatbed drivers will be tarping in the heat. Stay hydrated and take breaks when needed. 
  • Several shippers are adding safety measures for tarping your loads.
  • Flatbed freight is extremely strong right now. We need trainers and teams. 

Jim Guthrie (Refrigerated division): 

  • In-house associates are coming back on-site on a rotational basis Monday, May 31st. We’re excited to have everyone back on-site full time soon! 
  • Our drivers have done a great job keeping the country going during the past year. 
  • June is a great month for freight in the Refrigerated division.
  • We want to continue to be the best, and with the help of our great drivers, we will continue to do that.

Robert Low (President & Founder) & Steve Wutke (VP Sales & Marketing): 

  • Every day, we try to get better. We are going to treat you with respect, we’ll help you earn a good living, and we’ll grow together. 
  • Thank you, Veterans, from the entire Prime family! 
  • Take some time during Memorial Day weekend to thank a Veteran for their service.
  • FREE breakfast at next week’s driver meeting.

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