How We Roll – Down Under

Wade Nugent doesn’t have any fish in his truck, but he’s definitely thought about it. Nugent loves saltwater aquariums. He actually has a 150-gallon tank at home that he’s waiting to set up in his “man cave.” But as a reefer driver for Prime, Nugent can’t exactly take his favorite fish with him on the road. He did think of bringing along a beta fish, but even that sounded too messy. Instead of having a fish sloshing around inside his 2020 Peterbilt Ultra Loft, Nugent decided to include his beloved fish in an entirely different way. With a vision in mind, he dedicated the exterior of his truck to all things saltwater. The seafoam blue big rig now cruises down the road with Nugent and all the clownfish, coral reef, butterfly fish and red angelfish he loves so much.

Prime Inc. Fish Truck Driver

A Natural Fit

Nugent joined Prime as a reefer driver six years ago. He attended a driver school in Atlanta, stumbled upon a Prime brochure, and the rest is history. “I looked at several companies and liked that Prime was centralized in the country,” Nugent says. “I also liked that they weren’t blowing smoke up my skirt. Prime was straightforward—They are what they are, and they didn’t push me to choose them.”

Prime Inc. Refrigerated Truck Trailer

The Grand Vision

This is Nugent’s third truck, but it’s the first one he’s leased. He actually told his trainer years ago that he would one day have a blue Peterbilt with fish on it. “I’ve just always loved aquariums,” he says, “and this is totally an aquarium theme.”


The Perfect Shade of Blue

“The first thing was getting the truck the right color,” Nugent says. He ended up ordering a teal hazel, which is a little more seafoam green, but it was the closest he could find to the bright blue of the ocean. From there, Nugent gave the team at Stripes and Stuff creative freedom. He told them he wanted bright colors, coral and plenty of saltwater fish.

Prime Inc. Under Water Truck

Fishy Business

When it comes to fish, Nugent’s rig features all the favorites including clownfish, angelfish, the bright-blue damselfish and butterfly fish. The only fish Nugent couldn’t get on the truck was the pufferfish—one of his personal favorites. But that hasn’t detracted from the truck’s popularity on the road. “People pass me and give me a thumbs up,” Nugent says. Even other drivers stop him to take a quick photo in front of his ocean blue rig.


Name of the Game

If you happen to pass Nugent on the road, see if you can spot his truck’s name printed in orange. Nugent named the rig Oilmoista Trucking Company—a trick of phrasing Nugent put together. Say it fast enough, and you’ll hear the real name—Almost A Trucking Company. Because as Nugent says, “One truck is not a trucking company.”


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