Need a New Job? | Tips to Get Ahead in Your Career

Need a New Job? | Tips to Get Ahead in Your Career

Are you stuck in a dead-end career and feel as though you need a new job, but you’re too afraid to quit because of the poor economy? Perhaps you’ve been laid off or you haven’t been able to find a job since graduating from college. Whatever your situation, you need a new job that pays well and fits your lifestyle, a job that can take you places in your career.

Have you considered a career in truck driving? Prime, Inc. is the ideal carrier to join if you want to get your career rolling down the right track once again. There are many reasons why starting your trucking career with Prime could be a perfect fit for you.

Job Availability

According to CNN, there are approximately 200,000 trucking opportunities available, many from Prime. Joan McKinsey, a recruiter from Prime Inc., explains that people from all walks of life have found jobs with Prime, from ex-lawyers to ex-teachers.

Apprenticeship Training

While many trucking carriers require their drivers to have one or more years of truck driving experience, Prime gives you the opportunity for on-the-job training with absolutely no prior trucking experience.

At Prime, you can start training before you obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) through the Prime Student Driver (PSD) program. Prime’s PSD program begins by you obtaining a CDL permit. Then, you’ll go on the road with a certified CDL instructor for over 75 hours of one-on-one training. And this training won’t consist of you simply driving circles in a parking lot or solely spending time a classroom; you’ll experience real-world, behind-the-wheel training from an experienced driver who knows what it takes to be successful as a truck driver. After 75 hours of training, you’ll return to Prime’s corporate headquarters in Springfield, MO, for final CDL testing and obtain your Class A CDL. Then, you can enter our program with guaranteed pay of $600 per week (provided you are available for work) while you finish the last step of training which consists of 30,000 miles in a Prime truck out on the road.

Income Potential

Prime offers every new driver a competitive base pay. As you prove your ability to drive exceptionally, you will be rewarded with higher pay according to the company’s pay for performance model. Depending on the number of miles you drive as well as the truck model, you can expect to earn $750 to $1000 as a new driver at Prime. The earning potential is even higher for independent contractors who operate and care for their own trucks.


You can expect great benefits from the moment you sign on with Prime. These include driver amenities at Prime’s headquarters and other Prime terminals across the country. At Prime’s headquarters in Springfield, MO, as well as at our second largest terminal in Pittston, PA, you can take advantage of amenities including a fitness facility, laundry facilities, free showers, full-service café, company store, salon & spa, and more. For company drivers, you can enjoy paid vacation, late-model trucks, award and recognition programs, a 401(k) retirement plan, and more. For independent contractors, you can look forward to access to Success Leasing to get yourself into your own truck with no money down, a Retention & Rewards program (to give you long-term benefits similar to those in a retirement plan), award and recognition programs, and more. Both independent contractors and company drivers have access to incentive pay for recruiting new drivers as well as for becoming a professional Driver Trainer and training new drivers in the Prime Student Driver program. Anyone who needs a new job can experience all of these benefits and more when they start a new career with Prime.

Don’t wait a moment longer if you need a new job. Visit the Prime Inc. website and connect with us on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook to jump-start your new career today.

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