Prime Inc. Announces Qualcomm Text Messaging System

Prime Inc. Announces Qualcomm Text Messaging System

Springfield, Missouri – Prime Inc. recently announced a new feature for any driver assigned to a truck operating under Prime's authority. This new feature allows drivers to choose to have their Qualcomm messages delivered directly to their cell phones as text messages.

"At Prime, we're constantly looking for ways to make information easier to access for our drivers," said John Hancock, Prime Inc. director of training and driver recruiting. "The Qualcomm text messaging system allows drivers to have crucial information literally at their fingertips."

Although the messages will still be sent to the drivers' Qualcomm units as usual, the new feature will allow drivers to receive on-the-job important information in a more accessible way than ever before. Once a driver activates the feature, text messages will be sent to the phone only when the truck is not moving. This safety feature complies with DOT regulations of not texting while driving.

For more information about the driving opportunities at Prime Inc., call 1-877-PRIME-JOB.

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