Prime Inc. Driver Meeting Live – June 18th

In this week’s Driver Meeting LIVE, we host speakers from Safety, Cardinal Sleep, the Prime Training Program, and MORE! Join us LIVE online every Friday at 8 am central time. If you can swing by one of the Prime terminals, join us in person in the café area to attend. Free breakfast starts at 7 am cst for meeting attendees in MO, UT, & PA. Can’t make it to the terminal? Catch the meeting livestreamed on Facebook or YouTube, listen on your podcast app, or read the fast facts straight from

Check out this week’s YouTube version below:

Steve Field & Dave White (Safety)

  • 128 DOT inspections – 91 clean (71% Clean Rate) this week.
  • Independent contractors earn $100 for a clean inspection, Company Drivers earn $25!
  • Summer traffic is picking up. Stay aware on the road and don’t get in a hurry when going through these slow-moving areas.
  • Highway miles driven were down 13% in 2020. Passenger vehicle fatalities were up, but fatalities including big trucks were down. These numbers show the professionalism of truck drivers across the country.

Dr. Abraham (Trinity Healthcare)

  • COVID-19 cases are rising again in the Springfield, MO area.
  • When someone gets infected with the virus, the virus begins to mutate. COVID-19 variants are beginning to spread, causing the number of cases to rise.
  • If you would like to receive the vaccine, you can sign up at
  • Trinity Healthcare has given 1900 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, approximately 950 people.

Heather Moenkhoff (Cardinal Sleep)

  • Several Philips CPAP machines have been recalled.
  • If you are on one of the recalled machines, Philips will replace the unit. Philips has not provided a timeline for replacements at this time.
  • If you are a current driver, and you received your CPAP machine through Cardinal Sleep, we will register your device for you. You will not need to register your own device!
  • The devices Philips will send out will not be set for you, so it’s important to visit Cardinal Sleep (or your outside provider) upon receiving the new machine.
  • Reason for recall: Philips added polyurethane foam as a sound barrier to reduce the noise of the machine. Over time, this foam is breaking down and could potentially be inhaled by the CPAP user. There is a small percentage of users that have been affected at this time.
  • Visit for more information.

Stan Kasterke & Chris Martin (Prime Training Program)

  • As a trainee, we encourage you to provide feedback. We will work to resolve any issues you run into on your trainer’s truck as soon as we know about them.
  • While going through our training program, the expectation is to have weekly communication with your fleet manger. As a trainer/instructor, it is your responsibility to encourage this communication.
  • Training pay has been increased from $700/week to $900/week for B-Seats and $600/week to $800/week for C-Seats. For full details and qualifications for pay, please contact your Fleet Manager.
  • If you recently earned your CDL from a CDL school outside of Prime, you would come in as a C-seat. If you earn your CDL through the Prime Training Program, you will move to a B-seat after earning your CDL.

Steve Wutke (VP Sales & Marketing) & Robert Low (President & Founder)

  • Rates are up .18 cents per mile from last year!
  • Do not be a victim. If you run into issues, reach out to management.
  • The increased training pay is adjusting with the increased rates we receive.
  • Thank you to our Veterans!
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