Tech Update: Logging Every Mile

Even though Prime has been using the original version of electronic logs in all trucks since 2009, a recent mandate by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration meant the company needed to transition to new Electronic Logging Devices. The ELD mandate makes it more restrictive when a driver is moved to the drive line. It also doesn’t automatically change a driver’s duty status when they stop driving, so drivers need to be proactive in logging. Susan Byrne, Prime’s log department manager, gives the answers to the most frequently asked questions about ELDs. For more FAQs, check out the ELD Change Info section on the Prime App under MyPrime.

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Q: What is the “Beginning of Trip” in the ELD mandate?

A: The Beginning of Trip is when the logs start recording a drive segment. This starts once the vehicle reaches the speed of 5 MPH.

Q: What is “Yard Movement”?

A: Yard Movement is a new duty status that falls under On Duty and is strictly used for moving around private property such as a carrier’s terminal or a customer’s property. It won’t generate a drive status unless the truck reaches 20 MPH.

Q: Can an edit be made to a driving segment?

A: Edits to drive time are very limited.  If a co-driver accidentally drives on their teammate’s hours, that can be moved to the correct driver.

Q: How often must logs be certified?

A: Logs must be certified daily, and you will be prompted to do that. Each day must be certified separately.

Q: Can I edit my log?

A: You can still edit on duty, off duty and sleeper. The duty status be at the bottom of the certify screen. If the status started prior to midnight, you will need to access the status on the prior day’s certify screen.

See the article in the Prime Ways issue here on page 17!

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