Veteran Spotlight: Zane Conyers

Military History:

Conyers served his country for 12 years in the Army. In his first deployment in 2006, Conyers served as a truck driver where he did convoy security and protected supply trucks that moved between southern Iraq and northern Iraq. On his second deployment, he was a movement coordinator and helped control convoys coming in and out of his base in northern Iraq. In his final deployment in 2013, Conyers focused on airfield operations and controlled personnel and supplies coming in and out of a base in Afghanistan.

Conyers says the military helped him develop a strong work ethic, but notes if anyone is considering the service, they should be sure they’re 100% invested. “It can really mold you into a different person and help you understand different aspects of life,” he says. While in the Army, Conyers was promoted to an E5 sergeant and received several Army awards and commendations including the Combat Action Badge and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, among others.

Prime Inc. Dispatcher-Zane Conyers

Prime Inc. Service:

At Prime Inc., Conyers started working in the Depart Calls department in 2013. At the time, Conyers was still between his second and third contract with the Army, and Prime allowed him to keep his job during deployment. In 2015, he became a full-time dispatcher for the company, which is what he still does today.

As a dispatcher, Conyers is in constant communication with drivers. Communicating through the Qualcomm, Conyers can assist drivers with delivery issues, pay questions, trip planning or whatever a driver needs. He says he really enjoys the job because it’s not repetitive, and he feels it is important and needed with what his fleet of drivers do every day.

“Every day you’re helping solve problems,” Conyers says. “Anything can happen that day while you’re working. It’s like a curveball, but not in a bad way, but you don’t end up doing the exact same thing you did yesterday. Each day is different.”

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