Veteran Spotlight: Wes Dishman

Military History:

Dishman served in the United States Navy Submarine Force from 2007 to 2017 and was a torpedoman second class. He received five Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medals along with two Battle E awards at two different commands. His main job was the safekeeping of the torpedo room, countermeasures, small arms and the anchor. He was the leading petty officer of the division with the job of loading and firing torpedoes if necessary and using countermeasures to deter enemy ships.

During this time, he was a small arms marksmanship instructor, quality assurance inspector and drug and alcohol program advisor. “I went in not just to defend the country but also to become a man,” he says. “I was 21 when I enlisted and was in school, not enjoying it and starting to fail out. It was a way to get my life on track. It was definitely a wakeup call within the first 30 seconds of getting off the bus.”

Wes Dishman-Prime Inc. Military Veteran

Prime Inc. Service:

Dishman joined Prime in 2018. When he first started out, he was a night shift intermodal and logistics dispatcher. Today, Dishman works in the mailroom, which he transferred to in 2019. There he helps funnel the packages and mail that come through the terminal while also helping other departments and sends supplies out as needed. He also helps in the driver cell phone program by ordering and activating cell phones drivers order.

Like many service men and women who return to civilian life and begin looking for a new career, Dishman says transitioning from the military to civilian life and working at Prime was not always easy, but it taught him a lot. “Military life is extremely stressful and hard to explain unless you have witnessed it,” he says. “But the work ethic you obtain is unmeasurable.”

That work ethic Dishman learned while in the service is being put to good use at Prime, where he has a family of other veterans by his side.


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